What a week!

Geoff here – quite a bit has happened this past week, and next week also promises to be interesting.  I have a job interview Monday for an IT Security Analyst position at a prominent university here in the Boston area.  I already had a phone interview with them and it went rather well, so I am hopeful about getting this job.  We’ll see.

In other news, I am almost finished with my internship for the Cambridge Police Department, and I am wrapping up my projects that I was doing there.  Just yesterday I finally took and passed the CompTIA Network+ exam, which is fantastic in itself but it is even better now since it means that my certification will be for life, and I will not have to take that test again ever.

Also, Kelly and I were both very happy to see that DADT was repealed and that our often misguided junior Senator, Scott Brown, actually voted to repeal it.  Thank goodness for common sense finally winning the day.

I apologize for not sending out cards or gifts for the kids this year, but until we are both employed again we have had to tighten the belt a bit.  We will make up for it, believe me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a happy new year, in case I have not posted again by then.

– Geoff