More fun with random pictures!

That’s right, folks, more photos from my phone’s brain for you.  Enjoy!

Seen at Costco.
Worst name and byline for a wine *ever*.

These next two are from that Bridal thing Geoff and I went to at Bloomingdale’s.  Um, needless to say we didn’t register for them.  The first one elicited a comment from Geoff along the lines of, “I guess that is what Elrond would serve his salads out of?”

So when, exactly, does one stop eating?
It's a leaf. It's a salad bowl. It's a leaf. It's a salad bowl.
A chicken shaped... cheese board?

Gratuitous adorable pictures of Thumbelina napping.  On Scratch’s head.  Heh.

Kitteh pillow the first.
I haz a fuzzy striped pillow.
mmm, fuzzy WARM striped pillow.
I'm so comfortable I'm sticking out my tongue.

And finally, pictures from a trip outside yesterday with the “puppehs.”

Wait!  What was that?
Behold my puffed tail! For I am Defender of the Manor! MROW!
The Three Musketeers.
You shall not pass! Ooh! Shiny...

And that’s it, folks.  Hope you enjoyed the photos.


Random photos for you!

I finally offloaded a bunch of photos that had been sitting on my cell phone for a while.  As a result, picspam for you!


Are those bedroom eyes?
This is the look he gets right before he tries to eat your face.
Woo!  What a view!
Fenway Park at night.
A gorgeous watercolor I saw at an exhibition of art at MGH.
Posted for the last several years in Inman Sq.
My very favorite poster, ever.
BAD Santa!!
The singularly most disturbing holiday image from this past december. His skirt swayed back and forth...


This is what I have so far.  There will be more tomorrow.  Enjoy the random!


The care and feeding of a wedding registry

This whole getting married this is supposed to be complicated.  At least, when you have the large-ish church wedding with the cast of thousands.  I get that.  That being said I have yet to buy a wedding magazine or leaf through any of the GIANT magazines that I have received “complimentary subscriptions” to in the mail.  (Seriously, you get amazing amounts of crap once any wedding vendor gets your name.)

What Geoff and I have done, among other things,  is set up a wedding registry.  Or, rather, several registries.  Basically, I picked out a couple of things that were important to me and let him, with some power of veto, pick out the rest.  We set up registries on, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s.  What I did not anticipate was having to regularly visit said registries and maintain them.  Apparently, vendors like to play games with availability of the stuff that they offer up for registries.  So, that really cool thing that you actually need?  It may just up and be unavailable for no particular reason with no instock date in sight.  So, you have to check in regularly and then edit as necessary.  This is kind of a pain, but we have gotten used to it.

The nice part about this is that we were invited to Bloomingdale’s for a “Couple’s Night Out” registry party.  Having never been to one, and because they’d feed us for free, we decided to go.  The food wasn’t bad, the mocktails were excellent, and once the presentation was over, there was a **competition**.  As couples, we basically got to run all over the tabletop department and come up with our coolest place setting and then set it up for judging.  There were actual prizes.  Granted, they were tacky champagne flutes which we didn’t need and I knew that at the time.  But, that wasn’t the point.  I wanted to win solely for the point of winning.

We didn’t win.  Which, in the end, was probably a good thing since the last thing I need is more clutter and wedding related crap in the house.  But a took a picture of our cool place setting in its fancy pink-ness.  Here it is.

Can you believe the one in the upper left won?
Our fabulous pink and gold place setting.

Anyway, we had fun while at Bloomingdale’s.  We did actually learn some stuff, and we met our “Registry Consultant.”  Basically, she’s the person that you folks can call if you want to get us something and you are 1) not internet savvy, 2) out of state, 3) out of the country and don’t know how to get something to us without all the stupid international mail and taxes and snafus and whatnot, or 4) don’t have one of the bricks and mortar stores near you.  We’re apparently allowed to put her name up and post her info, so here it is.  Fabulous Bloomingdale’s lady is Claudia Askew 617.630.6044  She was very personable and nice to us at the party and the customer service the night of was fabulous (aside from the fact that we didn’t win…)

We may go to one of the same type of parties thrown by Macy’s at some point in the future.  Or we may not.  We’ve pretty much picked out everything we need at this point.  (And no, we didn’t do this.)  Now we just have to hope that everything stays in stock till the big day.  And now for those wedding magazines… anyone need any reading material for the bathroom?


When it rains snows, it pours

Geoff here – in addition to all of the literal snow we got, it seems that in the last couple of days suddenly Kelly and I are being snowed under with good news regarding our job searches.  Now suddenly I have three different possibilities, all of them paying considerably more than I used to make when I worked for Lockheed Martin.  One of them just interviewed me and wants another interview, one is VERY excited to talk to me because they need an ISSO (i.e. what I did for several years), and of course there is the university job that I really want.   And Kelly has also gotten several more tantalizing calls that were essentially interviews, including one today that went really well.   It would be great if we knew soon that at least one of us was going to be working again.


So keep your fingers crossed and hopefully we will (FINALLY) have something definitive soon!

Moar snow pictures!!!

So, as some of you may have heard, and others experienced firsthand, we have a lot of snow this winter.  Like, a ludicrous amount.

Naturally, this requires that we take pictures.

As you may have noticed in our last round of snow photos, our dogs are rather big wimps when it comes to snow.  Or rain.  Or mist.  Pretty much anything that falls from the sky makes them upset.  Our youngest, and perhaps craziest animal, Scratch, however, has no such compunction.  Scratch, originally a barn cat/foundling from Alabama, will literally wade through chest deep snow, burrow into snow banks, and wallow around in it until he gets cold.  The fact that he’s wet doesn’t even seem to register.

And so I present to you, Scratch in the snow, both in front and in back of our home.  There is chest deep-ish snow in in the back yard where we haven’t shoveled all winter and where I had to shove the door to even get it open wide enough to get out the door with him.  You may notice the distinct lack of doggie footprints.  Remember I said they were wimps?  Yeah, that.  Anyway, here’s Scratch in the backyard.

Snow! Yay!!!
Snow! Yay!!!
Chest deep snow!
Hmmm, the recycling bin is under here somewhere. I think.
Found the recycle bin, time to leap.
Found the recycle bin, time to leap.
Time to go back inside.
Time to go back inside.

And here are the photos from the front of the house.

Giant front snow pile.
Yes, that's right folks. The snow in the front is up to the front window.
The front yard.
There's shrubbery under there... somewhere...
Kitteh!  In the snow!
Scratch inspects the front walk.
Shivering wimpy dog.
Rerun looking for the ideal snow-free place to pee.

We’ll be posting some photos to  If they get added to the storm album we’ll link it up here.


How to tell when you need a new job

Among other ways, this little gem popped up on today.  If you work for an organization that publishes a 44-page dress code, something is seriously wrong.  I know the economic downturn has been an opportunity for employers to demand more from employees while paying less, to expect higher productivity and longer hours while offering fewer incentives.  But I’ll tell you this, if I EVER work for an employer who cares about the color underwear I wear to work?  I am quitting.  Immediately.  And so should you.



So we’re both in food comas now.  It may not be the best time to write a restaurant review.  But we’re going to do it anyway because that’s how we roll.

Tonight we had dinner here, at The Fireplace in Brookline.  As some of you may or may not know or care, we’ve been on the search for a place to have our rehearsal dinner since… June?  The search started in earnest in August and then stopped when I fell, got laid off, and Geoff got deep into his school work and then Internship.  Now that all of that is over and we’ve passed the T Minus One and Counting mark to the wedding, we started looking again.  And, boy, what a find.

First of all, this is a large rehearsal dinner, 60ish people.  It’s for a popular night in November 2011, and we have not only some food allergies and special diets to contend with, we have some exceptionally picky eaters to worry about as well.  This meant that some of our favorite cuisines, and restaurants that could seat large parties like ours, that served good food, and that were proximate to the church were out.  We needed something relatively nearby, that had great food and wine, a good atmosphere, was handicap accessible, and had parking.

The Fireplace is all that and more.  We contacted the General Manager via email at the end of last week.  His name is Kevin.  Kevin, to put it plainly, rocks.  He got back to us basically when his shift was over.  So, in the middle of the night.  The prices he quoted were great and the menu, well, it rocked our socks.  We were thrilled.  In the back of my mind I remembered reading in the Globe about when The Fireplace had opened, but I wasn’t spending much time in Brookline then.  So I had never made it there for a meal.  That, was my loss.

We made arrangements with Kevin to come by this afternoon or evening.  We were initially entertained at the bar when we arrived by the fabulous Erica.  The woman knows how to mix a mean margarita, she’s fun to talk to, was willing to let us talk to her about our quest for the perfect purple cocktail, and is an all around fabulous bartender.  Seriously, people, go there and ask her to make you something.  With her talent and her well stocked bar, you won’t regret it.  (Also, there was a majorly famous Boston Sports figure at the bar who I happen to know lives in the neighborhood.  She treated him with respect and without fawning all over him, clearly he’s a regular.  I won’t reveal his name so this place can remain a regular haunt for him, but it was quite cool to see him there, especially for Geoff.)

Kevin came over and chatted with us and then took us to our table.  It was clear from our talk that he knows his food and wine exceedingly well and that he loves what he does.  From our vantage point in the back at the top of the room we could see everything and get an idea of how we’d seat people, how the curtains would close off the rest of the top section from the bottom bar area, where the handicap entrance was, etc.   Then there was the food.  I’ll let Geoff take over from here….

Geoff here – I am so very glad we found this place.  The menu is just amazing.  They had a lot of really good traditional New England cuisine, and it’s obvious the owners and management are history aficionados, which is something I can definitely appreciate.  Among other things, they serve a lot of traditional New England beverages like hot mulled cider, hot buttered rum, and Madeira.  Yes, Madeira is a traditional New England beverage, as it was one of the most popular wines in colonial America – it was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite, for example.  Anyway, the wine list is quite good, and they have a decent selection of ports and other dessert wines, as well as an extensive list of fine cognacs and Scotch whiskeys.

Kelly started with a cup of the Butternut Squash Bisque with Great Hill Blue Cheese, and I ordered a cup of the Classic Clam Chowder with New Hampshire Bacon.  I tried both, and both were delicious.  (Note from Kelly: The Bisque?  Oh my goodness, I think I could have a little cup of that with every meal this winter.)  Then we moved on the main course.  Kelly had the Acorn Squash & Sheep Milk Cheese Ravioli in a Brown Butter Sage Light Cream Sauce w/Sautéed Greens, Shaved Fennel, Asiago & Crushed Hazelnuts (although she got it without the Hazelnuts).  I ordered the Lobster Mac & Cheese with Asiago, Mozzarella, Vermont Creamery ‘Cremont’ & Great Hill ‘Blue Cheese’, Caramelized Cauliflower & Lemony Spinach, which Kevin warned me I would not be able to finish in one sitting, and he was absolutely right.  But it was phenomenal.  And finally we shared dessert – Peanut Butter Fudge on Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Salted Caramel Sauce, Toasted Almonds & Hot Chocolate Fudge.  My eyes almost popped out of my head, this was so good.  I can hardly wait to try some other items.  (Note from Kelly: Seriously, he was without speech for several minutes after taking the first bite.  The Peanut Butter Fudge?  Was magical.)

Afterward, we talked again with Kevin and confirmed with him that we were going to go ahead and book the place for our rehearsal dinner.  It is just perfect.  In fact, I am looking forward to coming to some of their wine tastings sometime down the road.  They even have some historically-themed events, such as a Valentine’s Day diner that includes “John Adams” and “Abigail Adams” in period clothing reading their letters to each other in first person.  So yeah, I am really liking this place.  I can hardly wait to see how everyone else will like it.

So, Boston people?  Wanna do Dinner?  Lunch?  Brunch?  You know where we’re going to celebrate when Geoff and I get jobs, right?

~Kelly & Geoff

What is it with my dogs and baked goods?

Geoff here – many people not in my immediate family may not be familiar with the infamous Thanksgiving holiday story about the family dog, Frank, eating an entire pumpkin pie.  My dad had baked several pumpkin pies for the family to enjoy, and apparently one of them was just a little bit to close to the edge of the dining room table.  So Frank, being the clever little food-obsessed beagle that he was, managed to sneak into the dining room (where he was usually not allowed to be) and get the pie off the table with no one noticing.  The next time my dad went into the dining room, he found a completely empty aluminum pie dish, looking as if it had never been used, just sitting on the floor.  There was no pie debris anywhere.  Not a crumb.   And one less pie on the table.  And one very bloated looking beagle under the dining room table.  Frank had made an entire pumpkin pie disappear.

Well, Rerun has picked up the torch and is running with it.  Our upstairs neighbors had given us a gift of a loaf of pumpkin bread to thank us for watching their cat while they were out of town.  The family recipe that Lindsey uses includes chocolate chips, something I would not think of as being appropriate for pumpkin bread but turns out to be absolutely delicious.  So Kelly and were very much looking forward to enjoying the pumpkin bread.  We set it down on a table in the dining room and headed out for the evening to do various things.  When we returned, there were little pieces of aluminum foil on the floor all over the living room, and an almost entirely empty aluminum bread pan that was just sitting there.  Rerun, looking suspiciously bloated, was nearby.  Needless to say we were not pleased.


Today I had my interview with the women’s health organization.  It went pretty well.  They’re looking to hire soon, so that’s good.  Also, I got a phone call yesterday and had a surprise phone interview with one of the area colleges where I had applied and had been coaxing some connections.  The called back today as I was literally walking in the door from today’s interview and scheduled an in-person for next week.  This is FANTASTIC.  I cannot explain how excited I am.  Of the two I think I’d prefer the latter, but they’re both really great opportunities, so who knows?

Watch this space for updates…