What is it with my dogs and baked goods?

Geoff here – many people not in my immediate family may not be familiar with the infamous Thanksgiving holiday story about the family dog, Frank, eating an entire pumpkin pie.  My dad had baked several pumpkin pies for the family to enjoy, and apparently one of them was just a little bit to close to the edge of the dining room table.  So Frank, being the clever little food-obsessed beagle that he was, managed to sneak into the dining room (where he was usually not allowed to be) and get the pie off the table with no one noticing.  The next time my dad went into the dining room, he found a completely empty aluminum pie dish, looking as if it had never been used, just sitting on the floor.  There was no pie debris anywhere.  Not a crumb.   And one less pie on the table.  And one very bloated looking beagle under the dining room table.  Frank had made an entire pumpkin pie disappear.

Well, Rerun has picked up the torch and is running with it.  Our upstairs neighbors had given us a gift of a loaf of pumpkin bread to thank us for watching their cat while they were out of town.  The family recipe that Lindsey uses includes chocolate chips, something I would not think of as being appropriate for pumpkin bread but turns out to be absolutely delicious.  So Kelly and were very much looking forward to enjoying the pumpkin bread.  We set it down on a table in the dining room and headed out for the evening to do various things.  When we returned, there were little pieces of aluminum foil on the floor all over the living room, and an almost entirely empty aluminum bread pan that was just sitting there.  Rerun, looking suspiciously bloated, was nearby.  Needless to say we were not pleased.