Maybe they didn’t forget about me after all

That university that I was REALLY hoping would hire me?  Well, it looks like they may just do that after all.  They called me to sign some release forms so they can do my background checks, and they asked for some of my references so they can go ahead and talk to those people too.   It is my understanding that they only do this for the people that they have decided to hire, so that has got to be a good thing.  Who knows, maybe I will have a job offer within the next two or three weeks?  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Wish me luck!


Another interview!

Major Music School where I had an in person interview called me and asked for an in person interview on 2/11/11.  It’s for a completely different position that I applied for back in November, a potentially more interesting position than the one I already interviewed for.  Keep your fingers crossed, people.  I am really looking forward to this!