Latest goings on

Things seem to be moving along with the job search.  I had that interview on Friday and it seemed to go rather well.  Also, the university I really want to work for is checking my references and doing background checks, so I would say that looks like it is going well also.  Like I said, hopefully I will have an answer within the next few weeks.

Yesterday I was asked by a member of our church if I could help out with the Cub Scout Pack that is affiliated with our church.  I said that I would gladly help, and then we talked a bit about things that I might be able to help with.  He didn’t know that I was once an Eagle Scout, so when I told him that he was even more pleased.

Speaking of Eagle Scouts, I myself was quite pleased to see this recently, a young man who was an Eagle Scout testify against discrimination in Iowa.  It is actually quite moving, and the young man was a superb speaker.