Thank you!

I don’t even know where to begin, but I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks.  Today was the St. John Passion concert that I feel like I’ve been preparing for for months.  In fact, it felt like the least of my duties was nailing my aria.  I was coordinating with the St. Paul Adult Choir (SPAC), I was running everything relating to the Front of House, I was marketing my fool head off, arranging for flowers with the florist, proofreading the program book, the list just goes on.  It feels like this has been a really long process and now that it is over, I feel awesome.

Was the performance flawless?  No.  Live performances never are, which is something that we, as a CD listening society of studio perfected work have come to forget.  Was it spectacular?  Yes.  Do I feel like I left the best version of my aria in the room for the concert?  Absolutely.

As a concert manager did I learn something from this?  Oh HELL yes.  Did everything I organized run perfectly?  Of course not, it never does and it never will, such is human nature.  But that is ok, there were no catastrophes, no major fires, and everyone seemed pleased.  I can absolutely live with that.

So, in no particular order, to the Cambridge Auxiliary Police Department officers on our detail, to our crack Ushering Corps, to the Stage Crew, to the women of SPAC who helped coordinate everything with me between the two groups, to John, Jim, and most especially Jennifer, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  The words seem inadequate, but there they are.

To our fabulous and supportive landlord Marvin who came out to hear this concert when I am sure there were a 1,000 other things he could have been doing and for being so generous as to take us out to dinner afterward.  Thank you, sir.  You are a true gentleman.

To Amanda, Leigh, Mackie, Donna, and every single member of COOS who braved Harvard Square parking to come out for this concert, and to my Mother and Liza who braved the TSA for this concert.  I thank you.  You have no idea how much it meant for me to see friendly faces in the audience.

And to my betrothed, my darling, Geoff, who was the Head Usher, the liaison with the CAPD, who worked his behind off all day and way above and beyond the call of duty.  I cannot tell you how much it means to me to know that you’ve got my back.  Thank you and I love you.

Till next time,