Recent event roundup

I’ve had some interesting things happen lately and I’ve meant to blog them but I haven’t.  So I thought I’d just write everything up in one fell swoop.  Lucky you, readers.

1) I have been a shopping NINJA.  I’ve been questing for some summer suit jackets or suits to wear to interviews.  Up to this point all of my jackets or suits except for one and possibly two were decidedly winter affairs and some were actually velvet and 100% wool.  So, for interviewing in the summer I needed something less heavy.  Last week I hit Filene’s Basement and got a Marina Rinaldi white cotton sateen blazer, a cranberry linen Marina Rinaldi shell/tank, a sapphire blue Calvin Klein satin cocktail dress, black-brown SPANX tights/pantyhose, and 7 hand painted greeting cards with various letters of the alphabet on them that are so beautiful they could be framed.  Every single item I bought was marked down either 50% or 75%.  For all that stuff I paid $88.88.  Filene’s puts a little line on your receipt telling you how much you saved which always sort of amuses me.  Basically, they list as a total how much all of your discounts and their markdowns saved you from the original price.  My line, which nearly made me fall out of my seat on the T, said I’d saved over $1,200.00.  Seriously, I have a black belt in shopping, people.

2) Last week I was running some errands in Central Square when I noticed that a great thrift shop from JP had opened a new store in Cambridge.  Boomerang’s is an excellent shop and because I’m almost never in JP anymore, I hardly ever get there.  Also, all proceeds go to AIDS research.  I had to go to Radio Shack to look for a watch battery, but as soon as I was done I went into the new Central Square Boomerang’s.  I totally scored.  I discovered a cache of American Brilliant Period cut glass and a Towle Sterling Silver tray.  I got 4 highball glasses, a port glass, a toothpick basket, and a gorgeous candy bowl.  The tray is solid sterling silver and is about 10 inches in diameter.  The tray and the bowl were $4 each and everything else was $2 each.  Including tax I spent $20 and change.

3) All of this Rockstar Shopping led up to last Thursday’s interview.  I interviewed with a music related company.  The woman I met with would be my boss.  She was great.  The salary would be good, the commute would be fine, there is an on-site gym, and this company is big on work/life balance.  The only snag, which they didn’t mention in the ad, is that the job requires someone who can drive.  As I can’t do that, not now, not ever, she’s going to check and see if that is something that can be worked around.  The fact that she’s willing to actually do that is a good thing, I think.  Hopefully I’ll hear something this coming week.

4) Our friends from church choir, Tessa and Brian, got engaged this weekend.  Yay!

I have more great jobs to apply to, so I’m back to application land tomorrow.  I hope you all are well and have a restful and quiet Memorial Day tomorrow.


So, no boat

The Rapture didn’t happen, so I did not get to assume ownership of any gorgeous new Boston Whaler cuddy cruisers that previously belonged to wealthy Raptured fishermen.  Oh, well.

One interesting side note: around the time that the Rapture was supposed to have taken place, I couldn’t find Scratch.  In fact, I could not find him for a while.  Later on he appeared in the hallway, meowing to be let back inside.  My theory is that he was the only being raptured, but then after he spent a few hours running amok in Heaven breaking things, God changed His mind and sent him back.


Kittehs comment on the current state of world affairs

I have much to talk about later including my recent shopping victories and my job interview yesterday, but for right now it’s LOLcats.  I think the Crazy Screaming Fiendish Monkey Children I taught last night ate my brain.  Or, at least, my ability to think for myself.  Damn, I hope they didn’t turn me into Sarah Palin, I’d better check on that.

Anyway, here they are.


CIA Informant Kitty
How much for the 'nip?
Basement Cat does Harold Camping's "Research" for him
'nuff said.

Another ordinary Saturday*

*Unless of course, you count that whole Rapture thing.

For those of you who haven’t heard (and I imagine that by this point there are not many of you) today, May 21, 2011, is supposed to be the day of the Rapture.  I figured that this concept has reached a saturation point in our society when even is talking about it at length.  So the big day is supposed to be today according to one group of very determined fundamentalist Christians.  Sunday is Rogation Day, and Kelly and I are planning to bring the dogs with us.  We do not anticipate any theological or metaphysical issues with our plans.  And speaking of pets, it turns out that there is a group who is fulfilling the dual purpose of taking care of animals and forcing the people who actually believe this stuff to put their money where their mouth is.  They are called Eternal Earth-bound Pets and they have a website.

I am thinking that there has got to be someone, somewhere, who is a really wealthy fundamentalist Christian and who is concerned about the state of their earthly affairs after today.  They are wondering what is going to happen to their beloved boat.   I wish I had thought of it.  I could have volunteered to take care of their boat while they are gone.  How else am I ever going to get one of these anytime soon?  Hopefully I will not have to compete with any of the 800,000 (so far) people who signed up on Facebook to participate in the post-Rapture looting.


More on Brimfield

Geoff here – I have to say that we had a really good weekend at Brimfield.   This was our first road trip in the new car, and it did quite well.  It is phenomenal the gas mileage that thing gets.  I did not have to refill the tank at all for the entire trip.  In fact despite driving over 200 miles we barely made a dent in the gas tank – the gauge went down maybe a quarter.  I haven’t figured out exactly what kind of mileage we got but it is probably somewhere around 40 on the interstate.  We managed to get everything packed inside of it, and still have room left over for the things we bought AND to make a little space for the dogs to lie down and nap.

Anyway, we stayed at our usual place, the Publick House in Sturbridge, about 7 miles away.  We love that place, it has always been good to us.  And the restaurant is phenomenal.   We usually try to eat breakfast there on Sunday and sometime we will have dinner there if we are meeting other people.  This year we just went for breakfast.   We did not go out much for dinner, since we were trying to be more thrifty.  We brought our big cooler (to keep all the food in) and the small cooler (to put in the wagon to hold drinks).  The wagon Jo (Kelly’s mom) got us is turning out to be the envy of everyone.  Seriously, we must have been stopped at least 50 or 60 times so people could ask us where we got it.  There were a few other people that had the same wagon, and whenever we would see them we would joke about it because they got the same questions.  We even got our picture with them.  See Kelly’s earlier post for that picture.

Of course, the dogs were also a center of attention wherever we went.  We were greeted by all sorts of “awww”s and such, especially when the dogs were in the wagon looking particularly cute, which was often.  Rerun especially got tired after a while, and by Saturday he really did not want to go anywhere.  I even had to lift him out of the car and put him in the wagon that morning.  So he stayed in there most of that day, and occasionally Thumbelina would join him.  We saw a lot of other dogs this year.  It seemed like more than we usually do, and this time we saw a lot of other dachshunds.  It was quite cute to see how Rerun and Thumbelina would interact with the other dachshunds.  Thumbelina definitely liked them more than the other dogs she saw.

We got a little sunburned on our first day, but after that we did pretty well.  In fact, we got quite a bit of exercise ourselves.  Kelly’s pedometer showed we had walked over 7 miles on one day – no wonder the dogs were tired!  But the weather but cloudy and somewhat cool most of the time we were there, until late Saturday when it started to look like rain.  Luckily it did not rain until after we had already quit for the day.  The next day, Sunday, it was already raining by the time we got out there.  So we decided to leave the dogs in the car where they were sleeping while we checked out the last few tents that we had missed the previous day.  While we were inside the first tent, the skies really opened up.  It was raining so hard that suddenly there were rivulets forming in the tents and vendors had to start moving things around.  After an hour or so of heavy rain some tents had several inches of standing water in them, and low-lying areas near some tents had water that must have been close to a foot deep.  People were quickly abandoning any hopes of shopping and many vendors were packing up.  Still, we managed to wander through the last few tents and even find a few real bargains.  It helps when the vendors would rather sell for a song then have to pack things away.  Afterward we stopped by a couple of other places to pick up some things on our way out of town, and then we headed home.  The dogs were asleep in their little bed area most of the drive back to Cambridge.

More later!

The first of the Brimfield posts

It’s that time of year again, the May Brimfield show has come and gone.  Geoff and I took the dogs and spent Thurs – Sun walking through the fields looking for treasures and getting a little too much sun.  This year was slow going, we got a LOT of attention because of the awesome little red wagon my mom got us and because of the dogs who were often riding in it and begging for attention or walking near it and looking for food.  But, we did the whole show and found an unbelievable amount of fantastic treasures.

We got home late yesterday afternoon, unloaded the car, and took a serious nap.  Today is laundry and sorting the loot and we’ll eventually photograph everything that isn’t destined to be a gift and post it here with descriptions.  For now, here’s the link to the photo library from Amanda.  We met up with her and Beth for a marathon day of antiquing on Saturday followed by dinner at the Thai place near our hotel which is totally yummy.

More photos and descriptions will follow.


Thursday Night Fun, 5/12/2011

If you’re looking for something fun to do this Thursday and you’d prefer it to be something that goes toward a good cause and involves chocolate, I have the right event for you.

If you thought Charlie Chaplin was great, you ain't seen nothing yet.
The event of the month, a benefit for Japan, an evening of fun, all for $20.

My friend, Peter Krasinski, will play live accompaniment, which will be entirely improvised on the fly, to the silent film Speedy starring Harold Lloyd.  There will be a champagne and chocolate tasting before the film and the proceeds of the evening will benefit the Episcopal Relief and Development Japan Earthquake Fund.  All tickets will be sold at the door so if you’re interested in going make sure to get there before 7:00pm.

For more details you can visit the church website or you can leave a comment here.


Kelly & Geoff