If only this was more common

Geoff here – obviously there are a lot of problems with the Catholic Church these days, and it is because of many of these problems that I left the church and became Episcopalian.  That being said, I think it is highly encouraging that not all Catholics agree with the rampant homophobic prejudice that is running throughout the Church.  An article today on Boston.com talks about one priest who is taking a stand for inclusion, and good for him.  Remember, the arguments made against integrating the races in Catholic churches were just as flawed.  History was not kind to the racial bigots in the Catholic ranks, and it is not going to be kind to the homophobic bigots.

Phew, that’s a relief.

It looks like the job hunt is picking back up for me.  I had an interview on May 27th that I thought went really well but I hadn’t heard back from them so I sort of assumed that nothing was to come of it.  Then yesterday they called and asked to see me next Monday for an interview with the President of the company.  That was cool.  Sort of out of the blue, but cool.

This was very much on the heels of last week when I applied for a job with the Federal Government (!) and the day after I applied I got a call from the singularly nicest individual I have ever worked with in all of the job interviews I have ever had.  Ever.  She arranged a phone interview for me for today.  I just finished with the phone interview/teleconference.  They actually told me in the interview that I had all the qualifications that they were looking forAll of them.  That’s never happened to me before.

And, this job sounds like fun.  Well, fun in the sense that it would have me doing the analytical and people interactive stuff that I like to do.  Most people would probably hate it, but I’m weird that way.  Oh, and they told me in the interview that I’d hear by the end of the week about the next step.  Very exciting, I love a hard and fast deadline.

I’m going to go ahead and apply to some other things this afternoon and tomorrow anyway.  But I am hoping this one comes through.  Being a Federal employee would NOT suck.