Would you like some lockjaw with your jewelry?

I’m really, really trying not to turn this blog into a Regretsy clone.  But some of this stuff is just SO bad that I have to share it with all of you.

Lucky you.

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Economy = bad, love of seafood = good

Even Robert Reich knows that quality seafood just can’t be found anywhere.  And yeah, I wouldn’t trust Ben Bernanke to make clam chowder for me either.


Best wedding response so far

We’re receiving wedding reply cards back a little bit at a time.  This is great because the deadline isn’t until October 1.  The faster we get them back the easier all of the planning will be for the reception.  The cards have a note on them asking people to please inform us of food allergies or dietary restrictions on the back.

Anyway, I received one back today from a friend who is an incredibly talented musician, a devoted foodie and oenophile, and a generally funny guy.  His “food allergy” note said, “I am allergic to less than $20.00 wine. :)”

That just made my day.  My friends are the best.