Apparently it’s an epidemic

Tomorrow is the day we had set as the RSVP no later than date, and so naturally something like half of the people we invited have not yet responded.  No, that’s not an exaggeration.  Half.  Including half of the choir.

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Please… do it for the sake of the gnomes.

One of the things I truly love about living in Cambridge is that sometimes you just find random stuff that is just hilarious, or generally awesome, or occasionally both.  This qualifies as both, I believe.  I found it while I was walking to my barber shop in Inman Square.  I can’t remember which bar this was in front of, but it was one of those places in Inman Square where there are always lots of people.

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Back from New Hampshire

Yesterday Kelly and I put Rerun and Thumbelina in the car, drove up to Lowell to pick up my Aunt Donna, and then drove to New Hampshire to see Liz, Dan, and the kids.  Once again the dogs ran around with their cousin Ralph for a while, and poor little Ralph was so excited to see us that he literally peed everywhere.  And I did not help keep a clean carpet either, as I accidentally tracked dirt and mud into the house myself.  That’s because I am a genius.  Really.

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HUGE sale at Macy’ – This makes me nervous

I just logged into Macy’  It looks like ALL of our china is marked down substantially.  I am actually slightly concerned that this means that it is marked for clearance, never to be seen again.  I will check on that, but if you’re looking to save some money on a wedding gift, now’s the time.

If you buy a place setting, you get a free soup bowl.  Soup bowls, regularly $95 are marked down to $76.  The 15.25″ serving platter, regularly $255 is now $204.  You get the idea.

Happy shopping,

ETA: You can also get $20 off any $100 purchase from a registry.  Click here for the details.  The special runs 9/14-9/27.

ETA the second: I think this sale may have crashed the Macy’s server.  Heh.

ETA the third: I have been trying to check and see the Macy’s site all day and it looks like their gateway server is down.  You can still get through via our registry link here.  Guess this is punishment for stalking the registry…  😉