A strange but (so far) good turn of events

Tonight Kelly and I expected to go visit Smoky at Angell, and we were concerned after the conversations that Kelly had earlier today with his doctor.  But by the time we got to see him early this evening, apparently he had turned a corner and was doing considerably well.  So well, in fact, that the doctor  said we could actually take him home tonight.  Needless to say this was a great surprise, and we were not prepared to bring him home.  We did not even have a carrier with us.  But we borrowed one from Angell and we managed to get the little guy home.

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The Perfect Storm

Yesterday was Smoky’s drop off day for his I-131 treatment.  Per the instructions for his admission, he’d been off of his methimazole for a week.  Over the last week we’d been monitoring him carefully.  He’d been more heat sensitive than usual, he’d been breathing a bit heavier than normal, and his skin was getting drier and itchier.  On Sunday night I had to clean his ears and treat the driest of his skin with petroleum jelly because it was just so itchy and flaky that he was scratching it until it bled.

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