Rest in Peace Sergeant Slaughter

We found out earlier this afternoon that our awesome upstairs neighbors lost their cat, Sarge, earlier this week.  He was young and it was totally unexpected and completely unpreventable.  He essentially had a stroke.  They were there for him in the end when the vet had to give him the shot to let him go and he didn’t linger, but it is terribly sad.

He was the only cat I’ve ever met who didn’t like me, but I’ll still miss the little bugger.  We generally can’t hear much from upstairs, but we could hear Sarge when he’d leap from the bed and race across the hardwood floor to the front door whenever one of them would come home.

Rest in Peace little guy.  We’ll see you at The Bridge, and I promise I’ll remember to bring treats.


Smoky is eating, a lot.

Normally this would not be cause for celebration.  In fact, we usually try to keep him from eating too much since he’s the largest animal in the house.  But since Monday’s Thyroid Storm and all of the ensuing insanity, he’s actually smaller than Bucky now.  I was actually amazed at how light he was when I picked him up last night to get his pills into him and give him his shot.

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The definition of frustrating…

… is when you see a job you applied AND interviewed for posted again less than a year after you were rejected for it.  This has happened multiple times to me in my career and it never fails to aggravate me.  I want to reach out and email the hiring manager and tell them, “If you’d hired me I’d still be there!”

But I never do.  Because I have manners.