Since we haven’t talked about the animals in a while…

Smoky is doing much better.  It’s strange to see how much weight he has lost since he got really sick.  He seems so much happier now.  You can actually see some of his little bald patches filling in now, and his chicken legs are growing fur back on them too.  Right now he is lying at my feet as I use the Furminator on him – purring, twitching his tail slightly, and kneading with his front paws –  just as content as can be.

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It’s official, I’m blogging about our blog

Neither of us is exactly sure what happened today, but for some reason we’ve had 189 hits today.  So far.

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8pm on November 5th at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Central Square

For anyone who might be in town early for the wedding or who lives in the area, please come!  My bridesmaid, Nicole, has a solo and the music is tremendously fun.  I get to sing alto for the concert and I am having a blast.  ~Kelly

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TRS-80 Books and Manuals for Sale

I put this list together of all of the books that we have with the TRS-80 Model III and printers.

Model III Disk System Owner’s Manual

More TRS-80 Basic: A Self-Teaching Guide by Don Inman, Ramon Zamora, and Bob Albrecht

The TRS-80 Model II User’s Guide by Tony Bove and Leroy Fikel

TRS-80 Model III Operation and BASIC Language Reference Manual

Getting Started With TRS-80 BASIC

Fun With Microcomputers and BASIC by Donald D. Spencer

Instant Freeze-Dried Computer Programming in Basic, 2nd Astounding Edition by Jerald R. Brown

Announcing: Computer Games for Business, School and Home by J. Victor Nahigian and William S. Hodges

More Basic Computer Games: TRS-80 Edition edited by David H. Ahl.  Preface by Chris Cerf

TRS-80 DWP-210 Operation Manual

Assembly Diagram for DWP-210 printer

VISICALC Pocket Reference for TRS-80 Model III

VISICALC User’s Guide by Dan Fylstra and Joyce Uggia (Xerox copy)

1987 Radio Shack Software Reference Guide

SuperSCRIPSIT Reference Manual

SuperSCRIPSIT Figures Book in 3 ring binder

Addendum to SuperSCRIPSIT

SuperSCRIPSIT 3 ring binder from Radio Shack Software Library

Profile III Plus 3 ring binder

TRS-80 Model III Micro-Computer System Start-Up Pamphlet

Understanding Basic pamphlet by Richard G. Peddicord

3 ring binder containing the following:

TRS-80 DWP-210 Operation Manual; Bidirectional Tractor Kit for DWP-210 Operation Manual; Xenos: A 32k Disk Adventure for TRS-80 Model I/III; plus multiple copies of business forms from Go Today.

FOR SALE- TRS-80 Computer with all the peripherals and manuals

You know, I often give Geoff grief about never throwing anything away.  He likes to keep everything.

Sometimes this works in our favor and he ends up keeping something really, really cool.  Like this.

TRS 80 Model III
It's alive!!!

We have for sale one TRS 80 Model III computer.  It WORKS.  It has not one but TWO printers which also work.  Check it out.

DWP 210
It works and we have cartridges for it!

And finally, the giant pile of manuals and stuff.  We have SO much stuff.  Check it out.

Floppies and manuals galore
Yep, those are floppies. No, we're not going to "upcycle" them.

We’re selling everything individually.  If you’re interested leave a comment here or send one of us an email and we’ll get right back to you.  We need to make room for more wedding crap in our apartment and we’d like to see this stuff go to a good home.



Smoky is doing well, an update

Smoky came home from the hospital on Monday.  He was SO ready to come home.  He was pressing his nose up against the bars on the carrier and purring and making it *very* clear that he was done at the hospital.  Surprisingly, he was a very good patient.  He’s a nice cat but he can be pretty high strung and he doesn’t handle change well so I wasn’t sure how he’d handle being there.  But, he was good.  Everyone was sad to see him go as he was, apparently, very affectionate.

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Dear Wedding Websites;

I know that you think your email reminders are helpful.  A year ago, heck, even 8 months ago, they were.  But I am acutely aware that our wedding is a month from today.  Really, I am.  So, with all due respect, I DO NOT need a deluge of emails telling me that “You’re running out of time!”  “Is your to-do list up to date?”  “One Month To GO!!!”

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Radioactive Cat gets to come home today!

I just got a call from Angell.  Smoky has fallen below the Federally mandated levels of radiation allowable after his I-131 treatment so we can go and get him.  Yay!  We have some errands to run and then we’re going to go and pick him up and bring him home.  He’s going to live in the guest room for the next 2 weeks.  That will drive the other animals BONKERS.  But that’s how it’s got to be.

I am so excited to have him back.  He should be a happier, healthier kitty.  Yay!