Better living through chemistry

As my tolerance for Scratch’s shenanigans and general level of aggression was rapidly nearing an end, we took him to the vet last week.  Once we explained to her what was going on and my theory that, perhaps, he was actually a cryptorchid, he had a physical exam that included a check to see if he was, in fact, producing testosterone.  This physical exam is not unlike making him turn his head and cough, but in male cats it is a bit more invasive.

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Our wedding slideshow

Hi everyone,

Our fabulous entertainment people, Curtis and Anna from Curtis Knight Entertainment, emailed this to us.  It’s the slideshow they made from some of the photos they took at the wedding and reception.  Geoff and I LOVE it.  It’s amazing.  Many of you guest folks are in it.  Please give it a view.

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Finally, the interview I was waiting for

I got a call yesterday from the City of Cambridge.  They want to interview me for the position I applied for with Emergency Communications down at the CPD.  We scheduled for next Tuesday, after the holiday weekend.  This is the interview I was hoping would happen before the end of the year, as it is for a job that I think I am a very strong candidate for.   Wish me luck!


Portuguese cuisine is still my friend

but this little clip summarizes some of the problems with it rather well.   And my grandmother and step-great-grandmother both lived even longer than this guy’s mom – well over 90 in Nana’s case and well over 100 in Madrina’s.

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Geoff’s cat is a pervert

And other fun family secrets…

One of the joys of combining households is seeing how the animals react to each other.  We combined households back in December of 2008 when Geoff got a job up here in Boston and was finally able to move here.  Geoff had been adopted by Scratch shortly before that and we were able to get Scratch neutered right before the trip up here.

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Mystery Gift

Hi folks,

We received a mystery gift in the mail today and we’re hoping someone out there will identify themselves as the gift giver.  It’s a digital weather station of the variety where you put the detector outside somewhere and the little digital readout indoors.  It has a 300 foot radius (!) and it is made by Ambient, LLC.

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Our wedding photo site

Hi everyone,

I have reason to believe that I am going to have a LOT of photographs coming my way.  Video as well, but a LOT of photos from this wedding and everything leading up to it.  Therefore, I have created a photo and video share site on Shutterfly.  If you have photos or videos to share please go ahead and upload them there.

The URL for the site is and you can upload directly to the site or you can email pictures to the site via the email address  Please feel free to send things directly there rather than sending them to us, it will be easier for us to parse them that way and to decide what we want to do with them.

If you have anything of questionable content or a truly horrible photo of one of us (read: me) then feel free to ask first.  There is currently only one photo on the site, so feel free to send on over anything you have from the Bachelor party, the Bachelorette party, the decorating of the reception space, etc.

Thanks, everyone.


ETA: This is important!  I can make a folder for you and then you’ll get a personalized email address to which you can send your photos.  That way you don’t have to log in to shutterfly, create an account, or figure out how to upload without creating a login.  This is EXTREMELY easy for me to do so if you’d like me to do it PLEASE just let me know and I’ll set it right up.