I saw something in the sky tonight

And no, conspiracy theorists, it was not a UFO or anything else crazy.  But it was still very, very cool.  Breathtaking even.

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Christmas Concerts and Services in the Greater Boston area

Hi folks,

My friends and I are performing in some lovely concerts leading up to Christmas and we’ve also got an assortment of services on Christmas and Christmas Eve for those of you in the greater Boston area who might be looking for a particular service to suit your needs.

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Rerun has some issues

My dog has a bit of a problem.  Dachshunds are supposed to be instinctual burrowers.  Rerun on the other hand, well, he seems to have forgotten at least some of what was passed on to him.  Half the time he will whine until I cover him up with the blanket or whatever he wants to get under.  But when I am not there, he just sort of makes do without having someone to do it for him.  And sometimes that goes terribly, terribly awry.

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One of the best, and worst, things I have ever seen on Etsy

I got my daily Etsy email and as I was scrolling through there was a section of soap gifts listed.  I’ve noticed over the years that there are some pretty creative soap makers on Etsy.  The rest sell bars of stuff that probably make you smell like a Victorian whore, but some of the more creative ones are pretty funny.

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Slowly returning to normal, except for that whole Geoff as Santa thing

Kelly and I went to church today and followed a fairly regular schedule for the first time in a good while.  She had been working a lot of shifts this past week that kept her out late (last night until after 1 AM), and I have been trying to get caught up on all of the housework that got neglected in the weeks before the wedding.

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