From famine to feast in one week

After not having a lot of luck in the job search for most of December and January, suddenly both of us have a whole bunch of interviews.  Both of us have already had phone interviews this week, and I have a face-to-face interview Friday.  Kelly is having an interview right now (if it hasn’t ended yet).  So we are hopeful that something good will come out of this, preferably with at least one of us getting a full-time job with benefits.   We are optimistic.

And as a bonus, a friend of ours has also possibly found a dream job and is in the process of applying.  So maybe things are finally turning around?  I hope I am not jinxing us.


A night at the Symphony

Last night we were fortunate enough to get tickets to the BSO, thanks to friends who gave us their tickets.  The performance featured music by Felix Mendelssohn, a 19th century composer who died young but still managed to accomplish much.  He is of course most famous for his wedding march but he also wrote operas, symphonies, piano quartets, and other pieces.

We had to rush a bit because of Kelly getting held up at work but we made up for lost time and even managed to find an awesome parking spot right around the corner from the Hall.  We got inside with a little bit of time to spare and so we looked around for Jen and Greg (the couple who gave us the tickets) and found them almost by accident.  After briefly talking with them (and with another couple Kelly knew) we headed up to our seats.

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Music from the court of Frederick the Great, Jan. 28-29‏

My friend, Matthew Hall, sends word of more performances by Musical Offering.  Details are below.  I hope that local Boston area folks can make it.


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