A picture is worth a thousand words

When the picture is done properly.

I used to work in the retail and online auction industry.  In fact, sometimes I was responsible for actually taking the pictures and photo editing them so that they could be put up online to sell stuff.  That’s why when this photo showed up in my inbox the other day I literally had to do a double take.

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It took a while, but winter may finally be here

When I got up this morning,it was pretty cold in the house.  I turned on a wall heater in our bedroom that we rarely use, gave the animals their breakfast (and in some cases morning medicines) and headed upstairs.  Right now according to Weatherbug on the computer  the temperature outside is about 3.3 degrees, with a windchill of -15 degrees.  It is not supposed to get above 20 degrees today, and tonight the temperature is going to plummet yet again.

Now all we need is some snow and maybe it will start to feel like a normal winter around here.