Female beauty “defined”

I found out today that this image has been circulating on Facebook.  Not having a Facebook account (that’s intentional), I would be one of the last people to know.  In this case, that’s a good thing.

sexist comparison of women
When was the last time you saw photos of men like this?

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Yet another spring day… in January… in BOSTON

The weather is seriously messed up.  This is just nuts.  The temperature got up to at least the mid-50s today.  I wore a t-shirt with a light jacket over it while I was out, and I actually had to take the jacket off because I was getting too warm.  This is like an Alabama winter.   It is not remotely normal.


The job hunt continues

While I see that the unemployment figures for the state of Massachusetts are slowly going down, I am still looking for work.  I am fortunate enough to have had a couple of interviews this month, but so far nothing looks certain.  Of course Kelly is still looking for full-time work also, and is still grabbing as many shifts as she can at her part-time job.  I feel like I need to do something different, but I am not sure what.   Should I try to get more IT certifications?  Should I try something else?  I almost feel like my answer should be “all of the above” so I don’t limit myself.


Finally, some real winter

Yesterday we finally had a winter weather event worthy of the name.  We did not get as much snow as some other places (the South Coast got 9 or 10 inches in some  areas), but we got a few inches, enough for me to try out the electric snowblower we got as a wedding gift.  I was not sure how well it would work, but wow, it works.  I managed to clear our walk and part of our neighbors’ in no time at all.  Just wait until our next blizzard.  I am going to go nuts with that thing.

Much to my surprise, when given the opportunity to go outside and do their business in the snow, Rerun and Thumbelina both chose to go out into the (at that time) uncleared snow, while it was still coming down, and go potty.

Miracles never cease.


On Football

It’s no secret if you know me and Geoff that I’m the bigger football fan in this family.  While we’re both Red Sox fans, I’ll generally sit and watch a football game on TV with more interest than I will a baseball game.  I enjoy a baseball game live much more than on the TV while I will happily watch football either way.  I am also far more likely to talk football smack with friends and coworkers than Geoff is.  Unless of course you’re a Yankee fan, then all bets are off.

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