A further note on Scratch

I thought I would add something related to the post that my wife put up about our youngest.   You see, Scratch was named after a character in PvP, one of my favorite comics.  I found it particularly hilarious when Scratch began imitating his namesake by becoming fascinated with Christmas trees.  And like Kelly also mentioned, Scratch started knocking ornaments off the tree like his namesake too.  Fortunately, he has not yet managed to turn into Kringus.  But he does love to get up in the tree.

My dog Rerun is also named after a character in a comic.


Scratch the mighty hunter

We’ve written here before about Scratch’s odd habits and various issues.  One thing that his Prozac hasn’t changed is that Scratch is convinced that he’s a mighty hunter and that his prey is everywhere.  He will attack the stuffed toys that the dogs leave everywhere and randomly grab them, shaking them fiercely as though he’s killing them.

He’ll jump suddenly in the air turning and growling just a bit and attacking an invisible foe.  (Usually it’s a dust mote that only he can see.)  The best part is that when he does this he usually stops when he’s done and sits there for a little while with his mouth open, fangs showing, and trying to look fierce.  It’s like he saw an episode of a sparklevamp movie and thinks he’s a character.  Naturally, this cracks us up.

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A study in contrasts

We’re not sure that we have much to say about these articles except that we think that you should read them, all of them.

Go ahead and click, we’ll wait.  They’re worth the read.

Article the 1st

Article the 2nd

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. — Marie Curie


~Kelly & Geoff

Taxes, thank you notes, and interviews

And maybe a small rant…

Despite the fact that I slept in today, I’ve gotten a remarkable amount of work done.  I got the two thank you notes from yesterday’s interview written and sent out with Geoff to be dropped in the mail.  I had picked up some more stamps on my way home after yesterday’s interview precisely so I wouldn’t have to hunt down a random forever stamp left over from the wedding or mix together a conglomeration of postcard stamps to do the trick.

I got an email about another interview from an interested local college.  We have a telephone interview tomorrow and, if all goes well, an in person interview sometime soon after that.

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