This post could have turned out very differently

Smoky scared us very badly yesterday.  He’d been having a so-so week.  After his pretty much triumphant return from having his ablation and then release back into general population he’d been getting along pretty well.  He eventually started to dislike his pill pockets and so pilling him became a twice daily ritual of tracking him down and shooting pills down his throat with a pill popper.

As you may imagine that was no fun for any of us involved, least of all him.

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Fears of a dry summer

Well, it looks like my fears of a drought this spring and/or summer may just be coming true.  Most of the rivers in the state (and in Connecticut and Rhode Island) are far below normal for this time of year, and there is already talk of how this will affect fisheries and agriculture.  I wonder if we will have problems with fires this year.  Hopefully nothing too bad.  Anyway, I need to check on the level of water in my rain barrels before I do any major planting this year.  I still hope to do some herbs in pots if nothing else.