Our little garden

For over 15 years, I have been a gardener.  Specifically, an heirloom gardener and an organic gardener.  Although I have always had at least a passing interest in gardening and farming because of my grandparents, I developed an intense interest in them after I started volunteering at Burritt Museum and Park (now known as Burritt on the Mountain) way back in 1995.  With some very good mentors (the curator and some experienced guides from the historic park) I quickly learned how to appreciate the older varieties of vegetables that would have been recognizable to someone living in the 19th century.   I also learned about herbs and their long history of cultivation.

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Upcoming Boston Music Events

As my New Job has finally been able to update the website, I’ve now been able to update my resume.  That also means that I can do things like advertise cool opera related things here like discounted tickets.  As I’ve also picked up some part time work at the Harvard Book Store working their events, I figured I should point out some upcoming events that might be interesting to the music geeks who read this blog.

Please note, as it says at the very bottom of the page, this is our blog and I am posting this as a service to my readers and friends, not because I’ve been asked to by my employer(s) or because it benefits me in any way.  (Other than giving me something nifty to write about.)

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A Pleasant Culinary Surprise

This past weekend Kelly’s father came to town to attend a convention.  Since both of us spent much of the weekend working, we did not really get to see him at all until yesterday, when we went out to dinner.  Now, Kelly’s father had decided to treat us, but he asked us to pick the restaurant, and he said he wanted to try something different, something he might not be able to try back home.

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Forwards from our parents

Geoff and I both have Parents With Email.  This is often a good thing as it is easy to get in touch with one another.  We can email family photos and wedding related things back and forth.  Things that 10 years ago would have required a carefully timed phone call can now be handled over the internet.

Except for the forwards.  You know, those forwarded emails that you sometimes get?  Our anecdotal research suggests that you are 1000.00% more likely to receive them from your parents than from anyone else you know.  Or have ever met.  Or will ever meet.

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I love being the fun uncle

Sometimes, it’s just what I need to make me feel good.   A few weeks ago Kelly and I hosted our nephews Will and Ben and niece Kate along with their mom, my sister Liz.   The kids all had a great time.  We ourselves had fun, too.  And then a couple of weeks after that we got a card from Liz that included a card from Kate.  Apparently she really liked her visit to the butterfly garden at the Museum of Science.

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Boston friends! April 27th 8:00pm ~ BNMI & The Seraphim Singers

Ok, so I was supposed to sing in this concert.  I was going to rehearsals and learning the music and everything.

And then I got a job.

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In lieu of content…

I bring you pictures.

No, not pictures of me or Geoff or the kids.  Pictures from the intertubes.  Pictures of animals that look like ours.  Why?  Because I’m tired and I have work to do and I just finished day three of New Job and my brain is full.  That’s why.

So enjoy, or something.

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A belated post-PAX report

Although I was fairly swamped with work this past weekend, I somehow managed to take the time to go see PAX East, the huge gaming convention and general geekfest organized by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade fame.  Kelly’s brother Matt came up from Philadelphia and joined Patricio and I as we indulged ourselves in a geek’s paradise – specifically, a gaming geek’s paradise.  So go no further if you have a low tolerance for that sort of thing.

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