Stewie and Koko

Regular readers around here will know that Geoff and I have a HUGE soft spot for animals.  Ours are our kids and we’ll make sure that they eat and go to the vet before we go to the grocery store or the doctor.  They are our family.

As a result, we spend a lot of time helping other animals, individuals, and rescue groups get animals in need the care and homes they need.  Today I’m going to tell you about two of them.  One of them is a lot luckier than the other but they’re both special in their own way.  I hope you’ll take the time to listen to their stories and help if you can.

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I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday

I get cranky when Father’s Day tramples my birthday.  This seems like a completely apropos way to announce that my birthday is, once again, being annihilated.  From

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We met The Bloggess

Ok, so this post is a week late.  That does not in any way diminish the awesomeness that is Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess.  The link to her blog is in our blog roll to your right.  If you haven’t read her stuff I recommend that you click through.  I will, however, warn you.  She’s not for the easily offended, she’s fond of four letter words, and she’s from Texas.

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A bit more about that whole swearing thing

It looks like our reaction to all that silliness in Middleborough is not unusual.  Even people there are apparently going out of their way now to break the law their town passed regarding profanity.  To me, this is one of those things that illustrate how people go after a symptom and not the cause.  The problem is that young people don’t have a whole lot to do in the town.  That seems pretty obvious.  So how is controlling profanity going to solve the problem?  Believe me, kids will find a way around that, even if the law somehow manages to not get overturned.  It wasn’t that long ago that a principal in Danvers, MA tried to outlaw the kids at his school talking like Beaker, the character from The Muppet Show.


A new tourist attraction

This article was published on today.  It hit several other news outlets as well and was forwarded to us by a couple of friends.  As you can imagine, the general feeling was, “Don’t ever let Geoff go there now that this is law.”

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My new favorite Etsy Seller

I received this email today and I immediately started cackling when I got to this photo.  Naturally, I had to show it to Geoff.  Also naturally, it was already sold out by the time I clicked through and got to Etsy.  These people are Evil Geniuses.

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Finally! A Brimfield Report

We wouldn’t be able to talk about Brimfield if we didn’t talk about the freak June 1, 2011 tornado that ripped through the area last year.  Most of our area watched our TVs in horror as a rather large tornado danced down Rt. 20 through Brimfield and Sturbridge and upended homes, trailers, and historic buildings.

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