What on earth were they thinking?

Someone vandalized the Shaw monument today.  It happened this afternoon, literally while I was working down the street.  In fact, I walked past the monument on my lunch break.  I really cannot fathom why someone would do such a thing.  I know I am not your average person when it comes to how I feel about this particular monument, but still, I cannot understand it.


History in the making, but not in a good way

There has not been a shark attack on a human being in Massachusetts since 1936.  So naturally someone just had to go and ruin that long unspoiled record.

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Yes! Vindicated!

We got our new utility bills, and what do you know, the difference between the amount of kilowatt hours of electricity we used this past month compared to the same month last year is huge.  And what’s even better is even with running the AC units at full blast last year we still couldn’t get the indoor temperature below 78 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas this year it is almost always below 74 degrees.   Those new curtains and the weather sealing really worked.  Awesome.