What will this year’s winter be like?

I have been reading some of the long-range forecasts for this upcoming fall and winter.  Generally speaking, it seems they are predicting a pretty mild fall with temperatures above normal, and then it looks like this winter will most definitely not be like last winter.

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Meravelha presents “Daydreams and Desires”‏

This is from Teri.  I hope you can make it to one of these concerts.



Hello Friends!
I wanted to invite you to Meravelha’s debut full-length concert, “Daydreams and Desires.”
This is my first self-directed concert, and I am very excited to be bringing this soulful music to life with such talented colleagues!
Teri Kowiak, voice
Jaya Lakshminarayanan, voice and harp
Josh Schreiber Shalem, vielle
Catherine Stein, voice
Tim Whipple, voice
October 13, 8PM    Parish of the Messiah, Newton — Wine and Cheese Reception to follow
$15/General  $20/Priority Seating
Free upgrade to priority seating when reserving tickets in advance!  Reply to this email to reserve tickets.
October 21, 3PM    The First Congregational Church of Natick — Reception to follow
Sweetest day special!  Come with a loved one (or just a friend) and get two tickets for $25!
November 4, 3PM   The Loring-Greenough House — High Tea to follow
$15/General–This is a small, intimate venue, best to reserve tickets in advance!  Contact lghouseconcerts@aim.com
You can find more information on us at www.meravelha.com.  Check back periodically, as I will be making updates!

My life, explained in photos

Lately things have been a little crazy around here.  I have been running at full tilt to get a lot of work done for a lot of different places, getting less sleep than I should, while generally getting very frustrated with the world.  And recovering from pneumonia.  As there have been a plethora of oddly appropriate animal macros floating around on the web (most from ICHC), I’m going to use them to help explain my story.

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Hobby Lobby and Women as 2nd class citizens

I have to admit that I’d never heard of Hobby Lobby until the first time I went to Alabama with Geoff.  The first time I actually laid eyes on one I started laughing.  I couldn’t believe that someone would actually name their store something that utterly ridiculous.  It turns out that’s not the limit to their ridiculousness.

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The unstudied aspects of the Civil War

I know that to some people, the idea that there is anything left to study about the Civil War is doubtful.  Estimates are that some 50,000 books have been written about the Civil War.  And yet, much to my own frustration, many topics remain unstudied.   The one that has frustrated me more than any other in recent years is civilian casualties of the war.

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Ensemble St. Germain – September 23rd – 4:00pm – Natick, MA

Ensemble St. Germain is back with a second performance of A lot of Alain.  We had a great time last time and we hope that those of you who missed it last time will join us for this performance.

Here’s the review from last time in case you’re interested.

Morceau de lecture   Gabriel Faure
Aria pour flute et orgue   Jehan Alain
O Quam Suavis   Jehan Alain
Tantum Ergo   Jehan Alain
Prelude et fugue sur la nom A.L.A.I.N.   Maurice Durufle
Messe Modale en septour   Jehan Alain
Pavane   Gabriel Faure

First Congregational Church, Natick Center
Sunday September 23, 2012
Tim Macri, Director

This is a free concert; free-will offerings accepted at the door.

I hope to see you there.