This irks me

Before you ask, no, this isn’t a “War on Christmas” post.  There is no “War on Christmas.”  That’s just Faux News propaganda.

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Announcing Singing Stones Jewelry

Well folks, I finally did it.  I’ve finally taken my jewelry obsession business online. had a soft launch in time for my first show, but I finally got the companion Etsy site online yesterday in time for today, “Cyber Monday”.

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Winter kitteh bundles

As the weather grows cooler, Kelly and I can always tell the nights it is getting really cold because we will suddenly see more animals at bedtime.  Rerun and Thumbelina are always with us, but as the temperature outside drops we start seeing Scratch curl up with us at bedtime.  The last animal to join in is Bucky, and so when we see him it usually means the temperature is going below freezing.  But it also means we get to see lots of cuddling little kittehs and puppehs, like this shot of little Scratchling.

He tunnels into comforters like he is a dachshund or something.

Kitteh photos always make things better.


A post in which I say “masshole” a lot

Anyone who has ever spent any time in New England knows about the “Boston” accent.  If you’ve spent any time around people who were raised here or who spent the greater portions of their lives in proximity to certain parts of Massachusetts, you know about the Law of R Conservation.

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Why backups are important…

and I am not just talking about backing up your data.  I am talking about having backup plans for emergencies.  And now that some time has passed I can talk about Hurricane Sandy and some of the terrible things that went wrong in New York and New Jersey.

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Work and modern pop culture

There is a bit of a running joke about the subway vent in the King’s Chapel Burial Ground.  Tourists ask about it on a fairly frequent basis.  And one response that is sometimes given (but not by me) is that it is a zombie pit.  It certainly does look as if someone is trying to keep everyone out, because they are.  Or perhaps… keep something in.  Heh, heh, heh.

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I’m not sure I have words for this

“Obsessed with guns much?”

That was about all Geoff and I had to say when this arrived in my inbox today.  Courtesy of Etsy, naturally, I had to click through to the seller and see if this was for real.

It is.

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