I always wanted to be a farmer, really

So, seriously.  Ask anyone who knows me, my grandparents’ farm in Somerset was one of my favorite places in my childhood.  I really loved that place.  And my love of history got me into heirloom gardening, which I had no idea existed until I learned about it in the early 1990s.  And that led to a renewed interest in all sorts of other things related to farming, including livestock, barns, smokehouses, orchards, root cellars, ponds, beehives, you name it.  I guess that sort of thing appeals to me on several levels.  Self-sufficiency? Check.  History stuff?  Check.  Being outdoors?  Check.  Working with my hands in a way that is also intellectually stimulating? Check and check.

So when someone I know manages to actually do a lot of the things that I only wish I could do, I try to pay attention.

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