Kittens + geeks = this

The internet really doesn’t have enough cats yet.  And since we already have videos of cats doing all sorts of things, it was only a matter of time until someone made a video of cats (or kittehs, if you will) fighting with lightsabers.

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Some things to make you happy as January comes to a close

And as you all know, as January ends we enter the doldrums of winter.  We’re experiencing a freak break in the cold with temps in the 50’s today.  But it will get freezing again.  I’m still holding out hope for snow, but until then, let these stories make you smile.  And, yes, I know January ends tomorrow.  Nyah.

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Our “dog-cat” Scratch

One of my favorite political bloggers (John Aravosis over at AmericaBlog) loves animals so much that he now has a whole section of his website devoted to pets.  Just like Kelly and me, he often talks about the latest goings-on of his own animal companion and those of his friends on the blog.

Recently, he put up a post discussing the phenomenon of cats that act like dogs.  And he included a video.

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I’m not sure there’s much to say about this one

I usually expect stuff of this caliber to come from Etsy.  This time, it’s and their weekly Foodie email that brings the goods.  There’s really nothing to add, this one stands on its own.

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Sometimes the posts just write themselves

This is our 500th post here at  Geoff and I were wondering what to write.  Perhaps we should observe the occasion with something special?

Then we came across these links and realized that we had to share them with the world.  Sometimes, you just have to go with what finds you.  Thank you, internet.

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Grumpy Cat is my BFF

Every so often there is an internet cat meme that I just really, ridiculously love. Grumpy Cat just makes me ridiculously happy.  I think she might be my totem animal.

You can imagine then that I was forced to stop in the freezing cold the other day and take these photos.
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Winter weather, minus the snow

This past week we have had some pretty cold days, even for Boston.  Since Monday the temperature has not gotten above freezing at all.  In fact, it hasn’t even climbed out of the teens for the last couple of days, and with the wind chills it has felt more like -10 degrees Fahrenheit or so, especially at night, when it has consistently dropped down into single digits.  Last night it got down to 1.  And tonight it will get that cold again.  Meanwhile during the day the wind chill keeps things quite chilly even when the sun is out.

But we still haven’t had any significant snow this winter.

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I met David Sedaris, again.

The first time I met David Sedaris was at a book signing several years ago.  I met him again in 2010 when Geoff and I saw him read and sign Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk at the Harvard Book Store.  Last Tuesday I worked a private event for the book store in which I got to spend about an hour and a half just sitting and chatting with David Sedaris.

Yes, there are times when my life is awesome.

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Upcoming concerts, auditions, and other events

Hi folks.  It’s that time again.  Spring music making in Boston is almost upon us.  I’ve been receiving a lot of mail lately about audition opportunities and upcoming concerts.  Some of these I’ll repost individually later as the date of the concert approaches.

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