Remembering the Blizzard of ’78

Tonight I was hanging out with my friend Patricio, and we went over to Micro Center to do some shopping and browsing.  Man, I love that store.  Anyway, the course of the conversation led to me talking about my grandparents’ farm in Somerset, and also led to me talking about the big blizzard of 1978.  That event is one that everyone around here remembers quite well.  My family here in Massachusetts certainly experienced it, especially my grandparents and other family members who lived in Somerset, which was in the area where it hit the hardest, down near the Rhode Island border.   I think my grandparents got about 30 inches of snow in less than 36 hours.

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I wore shorts today. Really.

Yeah, the temperature today got almost up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is just wrong.  And I experienced a feeling of deja vu, which is appropriate, considering we went through exactly this sort of thing just over a year ago.  It almost got up to 60, and I wore shorts that day and everything.  And to make things even crazier, we might get snow tomorrow night and Wednesday.