Some snowbound Beacon Hill rich person is clutching their pearls

Right now.

This popped up on and it just thrilled me to pieces.  These guys filmed this in the wee smalls this morning in between bands of falling snow.  You’ve gotta figure that the chances of them ever getting to do this again without getting run over are basically nil, so I’m thrilled they did it.

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Snowpocalypseageddon has come

So yes, we got some snow, and as David Epstein said on his weather blog, some of the recorded snowfall amounts were epic.  I am not sure what our official amount is, but I am positive we got over 20 inches easily.

Kelly and I headed out this afternoon to clear the steps and the walk and even with both of us working (even using our little snowblower) it took a little while to clear just a path through the snow, much less clear the walk, which at this point would be impossible.  There’s simply too much to move and nowhere to put it.

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