Marriage Equality- Waiting for Godot The Supremes

HRC summarizes reasonably well what we’re waiting for when Godot The Supreme Court comes down with their ruling on Prop 8 and on DOMA.  Check it out and share it (below the cut).  Everyone needs to understand that this is about Civil Rights, not The Homosexual Agenda.

How today’s announcement by NBA player Jason Collins will affect the general atmosphere around the ruling is unclear.  He came out and admitted that he is gay.  He’s the first pro sports player in one of the four major sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) to do this while still playing.

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Boston Strong

It’s been a little over a week since downtown blew up and everything went to hell, but since then Boston Strong has become the catchphrase for how we’ve all held up.  The whole tough New Englander attitude, some would say “crusty”, is well known.  We’re tough people and down through generations we’ve been through a lot.

I have no idea who it was who coined the phrase.  I hope it wasn’t some marketing VP somewhere who’s made a mint from it.  It has helped, and it has spawned Watertown Strong and Collier Strong, on their own indications of what we’ve been through separately and together and how we’ll persevere.

Check out some of the images, below the cut, that have come up in the last week plus that I’ve liked the best or that I think are the funniest representation of Boston Strong.

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Back to your regularly scheduled postings of weird stuff

And leave it to to bring the, here’s that word again, disturbing stuff.

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Hopefully, things will settle down a bit now

Needless to say, I am thrilled that they found the two suspects and that one of them (apparently the younger brother) has been taken alive, which will hopefully give the investigators the chance to get all the details they need.  I sure hope so.  It will be nice to have a nice, calm week to settle down to a regular routine again.  Admittedly, after this past week, I almost wouldn’t be surprised to have Godzilla march down Commonwealth Avenue.  If that happens, I guarantee that I will not be one of the people who waits to get stepped on.

So yeah, tomorrow I am going to try to do some housecleaning, put up our new HDTV antenna, and do some good Portuguese home cooking.  Maybe I can get a decent night’s sleep tonight too.

Sleep tight, Boston.  Sweet dreams.


Now this is really feeling surreal

[ETA to make some additions and corrections – Geoff]

I honestly am just in shock now.

As if the events in Boston have not brought enough insanity to our world, now the last 12 hours have taken the crazy to whole new levels.

The two bombers lived in our neighborhood here in Cambridge.  And that is just for starters.

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We are ok.  We are currently in lockdown and nobody is going anywhere.  The streets are empty of people save for sirens and law enforcement/EMS.  The MBTA is closed entirely as are all business in Cambridge, Watertown, Allston/Brighton, Waltham, Belmont, Newton, and all of Boston.  The same cities are also ordered to have everyone stay home/indoors and parts of Cambridge/Watertown have no traffic allowed in or out, either the car or human variety.

More later.


We will bounce back

Now that I have had some time to sort of process the events of the past week, I think I have managed to sort it all out inside my head.  And so yesterday when a friend and parishioner asked me how I was doing and what I made of all this, I told him what I thought.

I said “This is Boston.  We’ll bounce back.  We always do.”

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