DOMA is dead memes

We did this back in April with the Boston Strong memes and as we’ve blogged about this here and here, it’s time to do it again.

We give you, Ding, Dong! DOMA is Dead! memes.


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The world is slowly coming around

and I thank God for it.  It’s been a long time coming, but as a truly great man once said, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

And an oldie but a goodie from SNL.



Time to clear off the phone

There are too many random photos on my phone. So I’m inflicting them on you, internets.


Yes, this is the kind of random stuff I take photos of with my phone. You’re welcome.
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This is why I left IT

I tried for over three years to find a decent job in IT after I was laid off.  Looking for work, and generally trying to improve my IT knowledge and skills, became my new job.  I went back to school to improve my IT skills.  I gained several new certifications, picked up many more books and attempted to improve my skills as best I could.  Over three years of job fairs, workshops, endless resume rewrites, countless applications, all sorts of professional and personal networking, honing of cover letters, (you name it, and I did it) but nothing worked.  In three years I got less than five interviews.  I tried everything.  Of course, plenty of people had advice for me on how to find a job. Some was good, a lot was bad, and much of it was contradictory.

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Ding, Dong! DOMA is DEAD!

I am currently at work and Teri and I are doing the happy dance.  The Supremes have struck down DOMA.  I haven’t read the decision yet, but the fact that it is now DOA is awesome.  Will June 26th be remembered as the day that all Americans received equal treatment under Federal law no matter who they marry?  We’ll see.

I’m letting the live blogging from here scroll through in the background while that venomous little hatemonger Scalia reads the dissent.  There is something nice in knowing that history will judge him and that he’ll end up on the wrong side.  Of everything.

More later,


Owning the past

The whole mess with Paula Deen has me thinking about a lot of people I knew when I lived in the South.  Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia were all places I spent a lot of time.  And the more I think about it, the more I think the image problem the South has in regards to much of the rest of the country (and even the world, to some extent) is this:

The South (as a region) still hasn’t come to grips with slavery, even now, some 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation.  Collectively, the South thinks that it has, but really it hasn’t.  I am saying this as someone who was born there and lived there for decades who also happens to be a specialist in the area of 19th century American history.

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It ends today… hopefully

The phone calls, the emails, the voice mails, the robo-calls, the text messages.  The door knocking, inevitably when I’m in the bathroom or sleeping. The door hangers or giant post it notes left when I’m not home or literature illegally stuffed through the mail slot. At 8:00pm tonight, for good or ill, it is done.

Election day is over.
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ASSEMBLED: Singing Stones Jewelry at Assembly Row

I’ll be showing in 4 shows at Assembly Row this summer.  My first show is coming up this weekend.  Geoff and I will be there in my red show tent.  Come and see us.  I have some new merchandise and some “new” vintage wares.

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More adventures in plumbing… wheeeee…

All of the heavy rain we have experienced in the Greater Boston area recently seems to have reproduced the problem that Kelly and I had last October.

Yeah, that problem.

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