Dragon skull washes up on beach in UK

Wow - how much Dragon Kibble & Bits did this thing eat when it was alive?
Wow – how much Dragon Kibble & Bits did this thing eat when it was alive?

So dragons ARE real….

Well, ok, not really, but it is a pretty cool promotion/publicity stunt for Game of Thrones.  I wish one of these would “wash up” on Plum Island or something.  I would drive up there just to get my picture with it.


P.S. Yes, this story is a couple of weeks old, but I didn’t get a chance to post anything about it until now.  So nyah.

A lesson in contrasts

I think it is safe to say that the march of human rights has made steady though inconsistent progress over the last 100+ years. In the last 48 hours some interesting stories have popped up that have reminded me not only of how far we’ve come but also of how far we have to go.

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The best thing to come out of TX since Wendy Davis

I have never heard of this particular species of turtle before, but there’s something strangely appropriate about a turtle from the Lone Star State being called a Texas cooter.

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The customer is not always right

One of the greatest disservices ever done to workers in this country was the introduction of the phrase, “The customer is always right.”  The credit for that tidbit of wisdom goes to Stanley Marcus of retailer Neiman Marcus.  Thanks, Stanley.

The customer is NOT always right.  Anyone who has ever worked in retail, food service, or front line customer service of any kind can tell you that.  In our society comprised of increasingly entitled, unintelligent, lazy, self-centered, and generally ignorant people, giving them something so blatantly easy, so totally pandering to grab onto as “The customer is always right” has done nothing but harm.

That has never been more obvious than in the last few days when the vine video in this article, if you can call a 6 second loop a video, went viral.

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Wow, this is weird

Kelly and I awoke to the smell of smoke, especially when I opened the back door to let the dogs out into the yard.  Turns out there was a major fire near the Somerville/Cambridge line on the other side of Inman Square.  The fire was on Calvin Street.  It got up to seven alarms.  I hope no one was hurt.

I looked at a map to figure out where the fire was and thought “wait, weren’t there some other fires in that neighborhood recently?”  It turns out that for once my memory was right.  In fact, one morning a couple of weeks ago two fires broke out at almost the same time, just a few blocks apart: one on Lewis and one on Dane.  That alone seems fishy, but now this huge fire happens, and in the same part of Somerville.  What are the odds that three fires would break out in two weeks in the same neighborhood?   I mean, these three fires are literally within a couple hundred yards of each other.  Am I nuts or does this seem a little fishy?  I mean, we have friends who live in this neighborhood.  I am just wondering if they need to worry about someone sneaking around in the wee hours setting fires or something.  I hope that arson is not the problem, but it sure seems like a possibility.


We’re melting… melting…

Well, looks like Boston broke another record today.  The official temperature reached 99 degrees Fahrenheit, although Basil (our Mini) insists that it was higher than that. 

Basil is melting too.
Basil is melting too.

 So today is day six of our ridiculous heat wave here in Boston, and tomorrow is supposed to be day seven.  Fortunately this sort of heat is quite abnormal for Boston, and it should return to usual 80 something degree temperatures by Sunday.  We have had both of our AC units running, plus all of our fans, and it is just barely enough to make it tolerable.

I am definitely ready for fall to get here.  I was more enthusiastic about summer when it meant I got to do lots of fun things, but these days fun tends to be a bit limited and I prefer comfortable temperatures.  Hell, I even prefer cold winter temperatures to this. 


No, your car cannot be hacked

Not in the way that most people think of “hacking”, where some teenager or twentysomething thousands of miles away taps away on their laptop in an Internet cafe and gains control of your car.  Never going to happen, and do you know why?

Because your car is not a wireless device, like a PDA or a laptop.  It may have computers in it, but they aren’t networked together in the way that we think of a computer network.  That’s why. 

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Faith in humanity being restored


I have to admit that the Texas Anti-Woman Law and the Zimmerman verdict coming within hours of one another made me really unhappy with humanity for a while.  Then there was the announcement that The View was hiring Jenny McCarthy to fill its patented Obnoxious Vapid Contentious Blond Host seat.

That about did me in.  How does somebody like her get paid $$$ to sit on TV and spew that dangerous crap when Geoff and I are working constantly, are far smarter and funnier, and we’re barely making ends meet?

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July 14, 2013

TO: The State of Florida

FROM: Common Sense

RE: Last Night’s Court Decision

Please remedy the error in last night’s court decision.  If the unfortunate laws cited in the case are not overturned forthwith, please refer to the the following remedy.

CC: Texas State Legislature, re: The Bill That Shall Not Be Named


All are welcome here

One of the pleasures of working for a church that is also a historic site is that I get to talk with a lot of very interesting people from all over the world.  Although we do get some rude people, for the most part it is a really positive experience, and today was no different.

Today, I got to have an extended conversation with a total stranger about faith, and about the commonalities of our two faiths, Christianity and Islam.

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