Big egos and bad economics

The current debate over who should be replacing Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve should be a no-brainer, if you base it solely on abilities and sound judgment.  There is no good reason why President Obama shouldn’t appoint Janet Yellen.  But there is a lot of resistance to it anyway, and I imagine a lot of it is from the people who would rather see Larry Summers in the position.

Personally, I can’t believe people still take Larry Summers seriously.

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One hundred thirty years ago today – Krakatoa

The gigantic eruption that made the volcanic island of Krakatau in Indonesia (or commonly in English, Krakatoa) famous down to the present day actually began on August 26th, 1883.  But the final eruption that destroyed most of the island happened on the following day, in a series of four gigantic explosions.  Ultimately the volcano was blamed for more than 36,000 deaths, although some historians and scientists consider that number (estimated by the Dutch authorities, as it was part of the Dutch East Indies at that time) to be much too low.  Krakatoa was the first major volcanic eruption to be studied and measured with modern scientific instruments such as seismographs and barographs.

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A New Storm Naming System Proposal

I am a bit of a weather geek, and a history geek, and sometimes a weather history geek.  But you knew that already.

So anyway, I heard about this interesting proposal to change the naming system for hurricanes, and I certainly appreciate the sentiment.

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Trip to Newport, RI

My Uncle Paul and Aunt Pauline had their 50th Anniversary party this past weekend at the same place where they were married all those years ago.  The name of the venue has changed, but the place is still there: OceanCliff.

It was the first time that I had been to Newport since high school, I think.  And Kelly had not been there herself in at least a dozen years.  So we both managed to get the day off in advance so we could go.

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