More things you should be reading right now

Geoff and I have been dealing with a pile of bureaucratic red tape so high that 1) we’re tired and 2) I know now how to spell bureaucratic without looking it up or using spell check.  So, in lieu of real content I present you with More things you should be reading right now.  All links are, as always, SFW.

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Fall is here… so long, summer…

And don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Seriously, I have been wanting summer to go away for some time now, and not just because fall is my favorite season.  Largely because I am tired of being hot all the time.  Sure, we have some window AC units at home, but it is still not as cool in the house as I would like.  And my major place of employment is an 18th century building with no AC.

But I always try to find silver linings.

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Riverfest 2013 – tomorrow in Somerville, MA – welcome Fall with a BANG

Come join the party tomorrow at Assembly Row for Riverfest 2013.  There will be Food Trucks, Live Music, a children’s play area, and, of course, ME.

Singing Stones Jewelry will be among the vendors.  I’ll be joined by Elephant Gambit.  We’ll be there all day joining in the festivities.

Fireworks over a river and it’s not even the 4th of July. What will they think of next?

The band/performer lineup is here:

11:00am Eric Royer the one man Band
12:30pm Riverfest Contest Winner
1:00PM Jenna Lotti
2:00pm Frenchy and the Punk
3:00pm Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys
4:00pm The Grown Up Noise
5:00PM Peachpit
6:00PM Hot Club of Somerville
7:00PM Afrobrazil

The lineup of vendors is, well, awesome.  We’ll be there 11:00am – 8:00pm.  Come, bring the dog, and enjoy yourself.



Go buy something

We may or may not have mentioned that recently Niki treated us to a day at the Renaissance Faire. This was our birthday gift and also something we planned WAY in advance seeing as how Geoff and I have insane schedules and the Faire falls after the beginning of the school year and Niki is a middle school teacher.

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If you need clarification, just ask

In this day and age of food allergies and intolerances, you’d think that being a vegetarian would be pretty straightforward.  Apparently, it’s still not.  I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years now and I still get people who are completely confused by what it means or who make assumptions about what I eat or don’t eat.  Some of this is cultural, some of this is just dumb, and some of this is people who just aren’t thinking.

So, for those of you who are so inclined, I’ve written up a handy reference chart.  Keep it where you keep the lists you consult when you’re trying to figure out what to make for the kosher vegan with the nut allergy when he comes over to visit.  It’ll make life easier, I promise.

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Concerts you should know about

Summer is over, so there is more music making coming your way than there has been the last few months.  News landed in my inbox today from two friends about upcoming concerts.  I hope you’ll find time to attend.

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Teri is getting this out of her system now

Teri is one of the most photogenic people I’ve ever met. She’s also incredibly good at mugging for the camera and she’ll pose with just about anything.  Seriously.
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Prospecting in New Hampshire

Geoff and I have wanted to go panning for gold or gem hunting for a long time.  I have had the bug for a particularly long time since I’ve been reading about gems and minerals since I was a wee geek.  As yesterday we both had a rare Saturday off at the same time, Geoff planned a day in NH where we could go gold prospecting.  Yep, there’s gold in those granite hills.

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From the lips of the Dowager Countess

Yes, it’s true, folks.  For the first time in well over a year, I have a Saturday and a Sunday off.  In a row.  I have a weekend.

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