Happy Anniversary

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary.  Over the past week or so we’ve received cards, emails, voice mails, texts, and calls from family and friends wishing us a happy anniversary.

I suspect that some portion of this has to do with the fact that 1) Geoff was recently hospitalized and 2) our wedding is on Veteran’s Day weekend.  Be that as it may, I’ll take it.

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Winter is coming, indeed

One of my favorite things about New England is the seasons.  I love the seasons here, and how we actually have four distinct ones. The ground is now covered with leaves and the trees are mostly bare.  We woke up this morning to snow coming down, although not very hard.  More like heavy flurries, if that makes sense.  It wasn’t really sticking either except for a few elevated surfaces.  But it was still kind of cool to see.  Just a sneak preview of the winter that is coming.  At least for us it won’t last for years, like the poor folk in Westeros.    The temperature today is not supposed to get much above freezing.  Now, at 1 PM, it is still only 33 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s the sort of day to make you glad to be indoors, enjoying a good cup of coffee.

It is also the second anniversary of our wedding, and my brother Greg’s birthday as well.  So happy anniversary, Kelly my love, and happy birthday big brother!