Long ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

…I worked for a church as a wedding coordinator.  I worked with people who wanted to get married in the church to arrange the details of their big day.  I also attended and sometimes ran their wedding rehearsals.  We had one couple who were making their arrangements from overseas and who were, apparently, HUGE Star Wars fans.

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Boston Strong all over again

Yesterday there was another tragedy in our fair city.  A fire broke out in the Back Bay, one of the more tightly packed areas of the city, both architecturally and in terms of traffic.  It quickly went to 9 alarms, sent 18 people to the hospital, destroyed the 4 story building where it started, and killed 2 firefighters.

9 city blocks were closed through this morning as 40+ mph winds whipped the fire into a frenzy.  Backdraft type conditions made the fire merciless and the brave men and women kept fighting even when they knew that one of their comrades lay dead at the bottom of the building.  Even when the fire leapt through the roof and reached for the sky, when floors collapsed and sprayed the surrounding houses with showers of embers, and when the smoke was so thick we could see it from Cambridge, they fought on for hours.

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Go out and get some culture! Concerts for YOU.

I have concert listings.  Lots of concert listings.  These are upcoming concerts that I’m not performing in but will try to attend.  You should try to go as well.  Music is good for the soul.  Also, Bach rocks.  And, there may be cake.

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Yeah… about that “winter is over” bit

A little while back I had commented about how we were experiencing winter’s “last hurrah”.

Oh, man was I wrong.

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Baritone or Bass needed 3/30 & 4/6‏ Cambridge, MA

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Central Sq, Cambridge is in need of a Baritone or Bass sub for Sunday services on 3/30 and 4/6.  No weekday rehearsals are required, call is 9:00am and the service is over by 12:00pm.  Pay is $50 per appearance.  Preference is for one person to perform on both dates.  Strong sight-reading and leadership skills are necessary, familiarity with Episcopal liturgy is desirable.  St. Peter’s is accessible by the Red line, the 1 bus, and street and lot parking are available.

Please forward this announcement to interested parties.  Responses can be directed to the Music Director, Josh Lawton.


Happy Dance

Sometimes we find things on the Intertubes that we just have to share with everyone.  And these three are related.  They are all different versions of people dancing to the song “Happy” by Pharrel Williams.  The first is set in Tunisia, where the old Star Wars sets have become a tourist attraction.  The second is set in Poland.  The third is a school choir from Detroit, Michigan.



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Interim Organist needed ASAP

I just received this today.  Please crosspost or forward to interested parties.  Contact info is below.


St. Mark’s Episcopal Church of Southborough, MA is in immediate need of an interim Organist.  This person will be responsible for playing in the 10:45am Sunday service and for working with the choir.  This is an interim position that will serve until a new permanent Organist & Choirmaster is appointed.

For more information on St. Mark’s and this position please contact Rev. Phil LaBelle.