Never liked their pizza anyway

Upper Crust, a well-known local pizza chain here in Massachusetts, has had all sorts of legal problems in the last year or so.  I have never been a fan of their pizza anyway, since I think their sauce sucks and their pizza is shockingly overpriced, costing more than twice as much as pizza you might get from a local mom and pop place (where the pizza is better anyway).  So why anyone continues to eat there is beyond me.

Now one of their franchises has been slapped with an $80,000 fine for committing the same kind of employee abuse that got the company in trouble.  I guess that apple didn’t fall far from the corporate tree.


Free Museum Admission This Summer

Ok, I know I’ve been posting a lot today.  Oh well, it’s my our blog, so 😛  This is important.

Free Fun Fridays 2011
Free Museum Admission all summer long!

Have summer Fridays at work and looking to up your cultural quotient?  Looking for something to do with the kids?  Find your way to a Free Friday at one of the institutions listed above.  Feel free to spread this around, email, repost, tweet, etc.  Leave a comment if you want a copy of the original pdf poster.


If only this was more common

Geoff here – obviously there are a lot of problems with the Catholic Church these days, and it is because of many of these problems that I left the church and became Episcopalian.  That being said, I think it is highly encouraging that not all Catholics agree with the rampant homophobic prejudice that is running throughout the Church.  An article today on talks about one priest who is taking a stand for inclusion, and good for him.  Remember, the arguments made against integrating the races in Catholic churches were just as flawed.  History was not kind to the racial bigots in the Catholic ranks, and it is not going to be kind to the homophobic bigots.