Maybe this is the new normal?

At least for now.

We’re 48 hours out from the bombings and things are… different.  It isn’t just the obvious police presence or the national guard people in uniform everywhere.  Things are different.  Yesterday everything was eerily calm, almost like the afternoon of 9/11 when all flights were grounded and nobody knew what was going on, except that yesterday there were helicopters in the air overhead and we were all waiting.

Waiting for news of who else was going to die.  Waiting to hear from that last person or two that we hadn’t yet heard from.  Waiting for news from the police, the feds, the various hospitals.  Waiting.  It was like life in suspended animation.

We were going to work and going through the motions, but everyone was asking the same thing, “Should we be doing this?”  “Is this appropriate?”  “What is the right thing to do now?”

Nobody has an answer for that.  There is no single answer when there is a 15 block long scar in the middle of your city that was carved out by a coward with bombs, a bone to pick with humanity, a need to see his human fears and frailty writ large on the TV, and not enough guts or intelligence to make the change he wants to see from within the system.

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A Christmas tradition

Some friends and I have developed a Christmas Eve tradition that I am partaking of even as I type this. Do we exchange gifts? Do we throw a party? Do we sing carols together?

Yes, but not on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve we go out for Indian food at a very specific restaurant.

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I need a distraction

Some things are just too terrible to process quickly, and I am still processing the horrific events of Friday.  So in honor of escapism, and also just because, I bring you the beautiful architecture of King’s Chapel here in Boston, decorated for Christmas just this weekend.  I work there as the primary verger* so I am a little biased, but I do think it is one of the most beautiful old churches around.

Sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded that there is still some beauty to find in this world.  Please enjoy.

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A post in which I say “masshole” a lot

Anyone who has ever spent any time in New England knows about the “Boston” accent.  If you’ve spent any time around people who were raised here or who spent the greater portions of their lives in proximity to certain parts of Massachusetts, you know about the Law of R Conservation.

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Closed due to… snow?

As you probably have heard by now, most of the eastern seaboard is dealing with a little storm.  There are a lot of closures and various emergencies being declared including right here in MA.  Tonight I was at a party after work for a retiring colleague when my boss, at the request of another coworker, pulled up the MFA website on her phone to see if they were closed tomorrow.  This is what she saw.

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Second tour is done

This time we had a full group of about 15.  Most of them seemed pretty enthusiastic although there was one guy who must have been along for the ride, because he didn’t seem to be into it while the woman with him asked me a lot of questions.  Probably the most unusual thing about this tour happened when I brought the group by the Julia Ward Howe and Samuel Gridley Howe home on Chestnut Street.  After describing how Julia was inspired to write new words to the tune of “John Brown’s Body”, and how the new lyrics became tremendously popular, a woman on the tour asked if I could sing it for her, and then a bunch of the other women on the tour chimed in too.  So I went ahead and sang the first verse.  I got a round of applause, hopefully not for comedic value and/or pity.


Summer storm insanity

Yesterday I worked all day in Boston and then headed to a security gig down the street in Beacon Hill.  When I left the house that morning, they said there was a slight chance of rain later in the day.  I think it was something like 20%.  So I had my little umbrella with me, thinking that I would be fine since I did not have too far to walk.

Well, the weather got a little interesting just after I got to my security job.

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