Maybe this is the new normal?

At least for now.

We’re 48 hours out from the bombings and things are… different.  It isn’t just the obvious police presence or the national guard people in uniform everywhere.  Things are different.  Yesterday everything was eerily calm, almost like the afternoon of 9/11 when all flights were grounded and nobody knew what was going on, except that yesterday there were helicopters in the air overhead and we were all waiting.

Waiting for news of who else was going to die.  Waiting to hear from that last person or two that we hadn’t yet heard from.  Waiting for news from the police, the feds, the various hospitals.  Waiting.  It was like life in suspended animation.

We were going to work and going through the motions, but everyone was asking the same thing, “Should we be doing this?”  “Is this appropriate?”  “What is the right thing to do now?”

Nobody has an answer for that.  There is no single answer when there is a 15 block long scar in the middle of your city that was carved out by a coward with bombs, a bone to pick with humanity, a need to see his human fears and frailty writ large on the TV, and not enough guts or intelligence to make the change he wants to see from within the system.

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King’s Chapel on the news

We opened early today – about 8 AM – and stayed open until about 7 PM, when our second service ended.  So a long day today.  But a reporter from Channel 6 in Providence stopped in to talk to our new minister as well as a few Marathon runners.  You may see yours truly doing security in the  background.


To see the video that this still comes from, click here.


Reporting in from Boston

This is a quick post to let people who have been calling and emailing from near and far know that we’re OK. We were driving back from Boston when the bombing happened. The Cambridge EMS, Fire, and Hazmat were screaming past in the other direction and I casually wondered if there’d been a bomb threat. Oops.

We’ve heard from one friend who ran today and he finished and cleared the area before the bombs went off.

I’m sure there will be more information and more to post about later. Stay safe, everyone.

Kelly & Geoff

For live reports from as the situation develops, go here:

This is considered an “ongoing event.”  AKA: the city is under attack as I write this.  The most recent bombing was a half hour ago.

ETA: This photo.  Wow.

The running of the 117th Boston Marathon was dedicated to the town of Newton, CT.

ETA: From the Globe.  Sometimes you don’t need words.