The first of the Brimfield posts

It’s that time of year again, the May Brimfield show has come and gone.  Geoff and I took the dogs and spent Thurs – Sun walking through the fields looking for treasures and getting a little too much sun.  This year was slow going, we got a LOT of attention because of the awesome little red wagon my mom got us and because of the dogs who were often riding in it and begging for attention or walking near it and looking for food.  But, we did the whole show and found an unbelievable amount of fantastic treasures.

We got home late yesterday afternoon, unloaded the car, and took a serious nap.  Today is laundry and sorting the loot and we’ll eventually photograph everything that isn’t destined to be a gift and post it here with descriptions.  For now, here’s the link to the photo library from Amanda.  We met up with her and Beth for a marathon day of antiquing on Saturday followed by dinner at the Thai place near our hotel which is totally yummy.

More photos and descriptions will follow.


Reports from Alabama

Just posting quickly to let everyone know that we’ve heard from just about everyone and so far the news is good.  Minor damage to homes, people without power, but everyone is alive and has a roof over their heads.  People who were without water have it more or less back.

Our friends who were close to the F4 wedge in Limestone county were REALLY close.  It is only because of a miracle that they still have a home.  There is storm damage, visible tornado tracks, dead animals, and wiped out subdivisions within 6 blocks and less of their home.

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers.


More good news

As some of you may know, I teach part time at the Museum of Science here in Boston.  My excellent boss turned over the review of the St. John Passion concert to the PR department.  Apparently they like to have little blurbs about employees to publish.  They may be publishing something about the concert in an upcoming blurb somewhere.  Stay tuned!


Today was a crappy day.

This made it a whole lot better.  Dachshunds are not only stubborn, they’re tough little buggers, too.


Dog survives a month in burned-out house

By Brian R. Ballou, Globe Staff

A Hyde Park woman cried tears of joy this week after finding her dog alive among the ashes of her burned-out and boarded-up house, where the dog had survived since a blaze totaled the residence on Feb. 23.

Terisa Acevedo initially thought that Lola, her year-old long-haired dachshund, escaped the blaze and was wandering through the neighborhood. In the days after the fire, the 24-year-old EMT and Northeastern University student posted fliers on telephone poles and walked the neighborhood hoping to find her dog. But as the days turned into weeks, Acevedo began to think that Lola perished in the fire.

But on Monday Acevedo returned to the house to shut off the alarm on a truck she was keeping parked there, and she heard a scratching noise at the boarded-up front door. She immediately knew it was Lola.

Acevedo yelled out her pet’s name and with the help of friends, tore the plywood off the entrance. Lola, apparently out of fear, retreated into the blackened interior of the house. But when Acevedo called out her name again, Lola ran into her arms.

“It was a miracle,” Acevedo said yesterday, hugging her dog at the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Jamaica Plain, where Lola is being nursed back to health.