It’s the end of the world as we know it?

Perhaps Geoff’s obsession with Zombie Apocalypses and similar things is finally rubbing off on me.  Or maybe it’s that the world is going to end a year from now.

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Portuguese cuisine is still my friend

but this little clip summarizes some of the problems with it rather well.   And my grandmother and step-great-grandmother both lived even longer than this guy’s mom – well over 90 in Nana’s case and well over 100 in Madrina’s.

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Woof vs. Meow

I’ve always considered myself more of an Animal Person rather than a Cat Person or Dog Person.  Those terms always felt too exclusionary too me.  So I found this little thing interesting when it came through my feed today and I thought I’d share it with all of you.  Where do you fall?

Cat Person, Dog Person, or Animal Person?
Quite the chart. Where do you end up?

Of course it doesn’t mention anything about small mammals.  Or snakes.  Do they count as “Exotics?”  I wonder where my work at the museum with raptors and alligators puts me?  Hmmmmm…..