Live in MA? Want to vote for our new Senator?

Then you’d better make sure you’re registered to vote.  The last day to do that is TODAY for the April 30th primary.

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What will this year’s winter be like?

I have been reading some of the long-range forecasts for this upcoming fall and winter.  Generally speaking, it seems they are predicting a pretty mild fall with temperatures above normal, and then it looks like this winter will most definitely not be like last winter.

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In honor of the 4th

I have some friends for whom the 4th of July is their favorite holiday of the year.  Other are more middle of the road about it.  Me?  I’m not into huge groups of people waiting for things to go BOOM over their heads or the tourists that flood the city decking themselves out in flag clothes and leaving their trash everywhere.  I grew up and now live in the two cities largely responsible for the birth of this nation.  As a result I’m over the Liberty Bell and the Pops on the Esplanade.

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A bit of history… to eat

This week will be the first time in well over a decade that I have worn any of my Civil War gear.  So this week I tried a bunch of my stuff on and what do you know, it still fits, although the vest is going to need some adjustments.  Still, I am excited about doing it, and to be getting involved with history again.  And to get me in the spirit of things I decided to take a little trip to Milton, home of the G.H. Bent Company.

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