Your cry for the day

If you haven’t had a good cry lately, here it is.  I’m proud that this story happened in my home state and that the individuals involved did what they did out of love and compassion for both the animal and the officer involved.

Rest in Peace, Kaiser.


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Winter attempts to kill the music, fails

As some of you may have noticed, New England has had some snow lately.  Notably last weekend and this most recent one.  This has had some impacts on things like travel, collapsing houses, high tides, massive powers outages, etc.

On a less massive scale, it also caused the cancellation or postponement of all sorts of events.  Among them were concerts that my friends and I were supposed to perform in.  Ah, winter.

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Official stats regarding Snowpocalypse

Well, they said this would probably be a historical storm, in regards to the intensity and snowfall amounts, and it looks like that has pretty much held up to the predictions.

It turns out that this storm ranked #5 in the top ten snowstorms in the history of Boston, with an official total of 22.5 inches for Boston.  Here in Cambridge it looks like our “official” total is about 26 inches.

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Nemo photos

And, no, Nemo in this case isn’t a cute little clownfish.  Nemo was a giant record setting Blizzard/Hurricane that just dropped 2-3 feet of snow on us and flooded out parts of the New England coastline.  Whee?

On to the pictures.

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Some snowbound Beacon Hill rich person is clutching their pearls

Right now.

This popped up on and it just thrilled me to pieces.  These guys filmed this in the wee smalls this morning in between bands of falling snow.  You’ve gotta figure that the chances of them ever getting to do this again without getting run over are basically nil, so I’m thrilled they did it.

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Winter weather, minus the snow

This past week we have had some pretty cold days, even for Boston.  Since Monday the temperature has not gotten above freezing at all.  In fact, it hasn’t even climbed out of the teens for the last couple of days, and with the wind chills it has felt more like -10 degrees Fahrenheit or so, especially at night, when it has consistently dropped down into single digits.  Last night it got down to 1.  And tonight it will get that cold again.  Meanwhile during the day the wind chill keeps things quite chilly even when the sun is out.

But we still haven’t had any significant snow this winter.

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First real snowstorm in about a year

Yesterday (actually, mostly last night) we finally got some real snow here in Greater Boston.  So this morning when I got up, I actually had to do some shoveling.  Sadly, it was not really enough snow to make it worth the time to break out the little snow blower we own.

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