Another photo from Sunday

Noah just posted some photos from Sunday.  This was the last one, it was taken by a guy sitting in the row in front of us right as the game ended.  Yes, I look like a Dink-Dink.  It was about 50 degrees out, the wind was blowing, and we were WAY up high.

The four of us after the win.
Freezing but happy at the end of the game.


Sometimes, a little distraction is just what’s needed

Lately, Kelly and I have been having a pretty rough time in general.  We have managed so far to keep our chins up, mainly due to our love for each other and our little furry kids.  But it has also been encouraging that we have gotten a lot of emotional (and sometimes material) support from friends and family, and lately that has also helped us to keep our heads above water financially.  So since I feel like I have not said thank you to all of those people nearly enough, I will say so again here.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  I honestly don’t know what we would do without all of you.

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