ASSEMBLED: Singing Stones Jewelry at Assembly Row

I’ll be showing in 4 shows at Assembly Row this summer.  My first show is coming up this weekend.  Geoff and I will be there in my red show tent.  Come and see us.  I have some new merchandise and some “new” vintage wares.

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What NOT to say when you’re at a craft show

I’ve done 4 shows in the last two weeks.  It’s been tiring but fun.  I met some really fun and really talented crafters, especially at Cambridge Open Studios.  (COS is, by the way, also showing this weekend.  Yes, you should go if you can.  It’s amazing.)

What was striking was not only how great the community of crafters were to each other, but also how great most of the people visiting the show were to us.  However, like any barrel of apples, there were a few rotten ones.

Everything listed below was actually said to me or one of the people I met over the last two weekends.  When you’re at a craft show, don’t be this person.

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Singing Stones Jewelry this weekend!

I’m participating in two jewelry shows this weekend, please come and see me!

Saturday I’ll be a part of Somerville Open Studios at location #15.  This is as a part of the Somerville Local Artists Market at The Burren in Davis Square.  I’ll have my jewelry for sale and would love to see you there.

I'll be there on Saturday May 4th.
I’ll be there on Saturday May 4th.

On Sunday I’ll be vending as a part of Harvard Square Mayfair.  I’ll be on Church Street under a red tent near the bead store and Border Cafe.  Please come and check out my cool new setup.  There will be great food, vendors, music, and entertainment for the whole family.

Mayfair poster-web

The weather will be absolutely beautiful this weekend so please come out and enjoy all that Cambridge and Somerville have to offer.  The hours both days are 12-6.

I hope to see you there.


Come see me! SLAM St.Patrick’s Local Artist Market – Saturday March 16th

Hi folks!  It’s that time again.  I have a show locally on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Come see me on Saturday when I’m selling my jewelry and come see me on Sunday when I sing.  More details below the cut.  C’mon, click, you know you want to.

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Christmas shopping for the young woman in your life

Looking for the right gift for the young woman in your life that isn’t pink and frilly?  That’s doesn’t teach her that all princesses need to be rescued by the prince?  Want her to learn more about science and bugs and that making mud pies and getting dirty is OK?

I thought so.

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My first show!

This is so exciting!  I’m going to be vending at my first show on November 17th!  My great friend Niki forwarded me an email from ExCL.  ExCL is a wonderful resource for educators in the greater Boston area.  I’ve known about them for years due to my association with educators from the museum, but this is the first time I’ve been able to work with them.

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