Another totally self serving shopping post

Ideeli is having a sale starting today on Orrefors.  One of the things on sale are the Champagne flutes we’re registered for, at half the price that they cost at Bloomingdales, which is where we’re registered.

Just, you know, FYI.  If you don’t have an invite to Ideeli there is one in the blogroll to the right of the screen.  The sale lasts for 3 days.


Recent event roundup

I’ve had some interesting things happen lately and I’ve meant to blog them but I haven’t.  So I thought I’d just write everything up in one fell swoop.  Lucky you, readers.

1) I have been a shopping NINJA.  I’ve been questing for some summer suit jackets or suits to wear to interviews.  Up to this point all of my jackets or suits except for one and possibly two were decidedly winter affairs and some were actually velvet and 100% wool.  So, for interviewing in the summer I needed something less heavy.  Last week I hit Filene’s Basement and got a Marina Rinaldi white cotton sateen blazer, a cranberry linen Marina Rinaldi shell/tank, a sapphire blue Calvin Klein satin cocktail dress, black-brown SPANX tights/pantyhose, and 7 hand painted greeting cards with various letters of the alphabet on them that are so beautiful they could be framed.  Every single item I bought was marked down either 50% or 75%.  For all that stuff I paid $88.88.  Filene’s puts a little line on your receipt telling you how much you saved which always sort of amuses me.  Basically, they list as a total how much all of your discounts and their markdowns saved you from the original price.  My line, which nearly made me fall out of my seat on the T, said I’d saved over $1,200.00.  Seriously, I have a black belt in shopping, people.

2) Last week I was running some errands in Central Square when I noticed that a great thrift shop from JP had opened a new store in Cambridge.  Boomerang’s is an excellent shop and because I’m almost never in JP anymore, I hardly ever get there.  Also, all proceeds go to AIDS research.  I had to go to Radio Shack to look for a watch battery, but as soon as I was done I went into the new Central Square Boomerang’s.  I totally scored.  I discovered a cache of American Brilliant Period cut glass and a Towle Sterling Silver tray.  I got 4 highball glasses, a port glass, a toothpick basket, and a gorgeous candy bowl.  The tray is solid sterling silver and is about 10 inches in diameter.  The tray and the bowl were $4 each and everything else was $2 each.  Including tax I spent $20 and change.

3) All of this Rockstar Shopping led up to last Thursday’s interview.  I interviewed with a music related company.  The woman I met with would be my boss.  She was great.  The salary would be good, the commute would be fine, there is an on-site gym, and this company is big on work/life balance.  The only snag, which they didn’t mention in the ad, is that the job requires someone who can drive.  As I can’t do that, not now, not ever, she’s going to check and see if that is something that can be worked around.  The fact that she’s willing to actually do that is a good thing, I think.  Hopefully I’ll hear something this coming week.

4) Our friends from church choir, Tessa and Brian, got engaged this weekend.  Yay!

I have more great jobs to apply to, so I’m back to application land tomorrow.  I hope you all are well and have a restful and quiet Memorial Day tomorrow.


The first of the Brimfield posts

It’s that time of year again, the May Brimfield show has come and gone.  Geoff and I took the dogs and spent Thurs – Sun walking through the fields looking for treasures and getting a little too much sun.  This year was slow going, we got a LOT of attention because of the awesome little red wagon my mom got us and because of the dogs who were often riding in it and begging for attention or walking near it and looking for food.  But, we did the whole show and found an unbelievable amount of fantastic treasures.

We got home late yesterday afternoon, unloaded the car, and took a serious nap.  Today is laundry and sorting the loot and we’ll eventually photograph everything that isn’t destined to be a gift and post it here with descriptions.  For now, here’s the link to the photo library from Amanda.  We met up with her and Beth for a marathon day of antiquing on Saturday followed by dinner at the Thai place near our hotel which is totally yummy.

More photos and descriptions will follow.


The Royal Wedding

All sorts of stuff has been popping up about the Royal Wedding.  This has included the Guy’s Guide to the Royal Wedding on the Today Show.  Geoff was totally unimpressed when I told him about it and wondered if such a guide would tell him why he should actually care about the Royal Wedding.

Anyway, I find I don’t particularly care about the whole thing too much.  I am mildly interested in what the bride is wearing if only because I’m also getting married this year.  If she’s following in her late MIL’s footsteps, it will be high fashion, woefully out of date, and laughably tacky in 10 years.  I will also, in all likelihood, be totally horrified at how much it costs.  I am rather proud of the fact that my dress cost $250.

I find the insane memorabilia craze surrounding the wedding absolutely hysterical.  Some of the stuff that has popped up on Etsy and Regretsy is absolutely wild.  I think my favorite piece of ridiculous memorabilia so far is this.  Can you imagine waking up every morning and wandering into your kitchen to see that?  Of course, you could sit in your kitchen and sip your morning coffee out of this as you wake up.  Unless of course you like your memorabilia accurate and all…

Of course, I was browsing tonight and I came across the following headline: BrewDog releases beer with Viagra.  Naturally, morbid curiosity caused me to click.  And, yes, folks, this would be THE weirdest Royal Wedding related thing I’ve run across so far.  To wit, a quote from the article:

“With this beer we want to take the wheels off the royal wedding bandwagon being jumped on by dozens of breweries,” BrewDog says on its website. “The Royal Virility Performance is the perfect antidote to all the hype.”

Antidote to the hype? Hmm.

Alas, don’t go looking for this one at your local liquor store. It won’t likely make its way to our shores. BrewDog is selling Royal Virility Performance only in the United Kingdom and only via its website,

Um, wow.  When you put it that way I think that’s about all there is to say.  Needless to say, I’ll be asleep at 4:00am on Friday.


ETA: I stand corrected.  It can get weirder.

Of pet food and creationism

Ok, stick with me.  This one gets a little weird.

So, today I discovered that the place that I usually order our expensive and highly specialized cat food from is run by a bunch of right wing creationist wackjobs.  You must understand, Geoff and I are firm believers in voting with our feet, our wallets, and, you know, at the actual voting booth.  (Interestingly, I discovered the complete wackiness of the pet food vendor from the vendor themselves, Google just confirmed it.)  Anyway, I called Geoff at work and explained the dilemma.  The food is really good for our cats.  They love it, it’s been easy on their kidneys and bladders as they age, but I really, really, can’t abide lining the pockets of a company run by someone who describes himself as a “New Earth Creationist” or who holds that everything modern medical science has told us about “cholesterol and the human body” is a “myth”.

Right.  Um, this guy is a Veterinarian, not an M.D.  I wonder if anyone has pointed that out to him?

Anyway, we feed our dogs this stuff and they scarf it down.  They LOVE it.  Thumbelina’s skin has improved 200% since she started eating it.  She’s almost 10 and still has a waist which is a minor miracle for a dachshund.  Rerun?  He looks more like a sausage, but I think that has more to do with the fact that he is patently lazy than anything else.  Anyway, as Royal Canin was one of the few pet foods only marginally involved in the major 2007 pet food recall as most of their food did not at the time use wheat gluten, (none of it does now, as far as I know, or if it does, it is all domestic) naturally, I looked there first for a new cat food.

I found a perfect substitute, only it required a prescription.  This was absolutely fine by me and, turns out, fine by my vet as well.  (I love my vets, they’re awesome.)  So after checking out our vet’s affiliated order and ship website I also checked out  I had received an email or two a while back from Dogster about this new service from PetFlow and had filed it away thinking that if I ever needed to have cat food shipped I’d check it out.  Well, there’s no time like today while running screaming away from creationists.  I was able to sign up for regular shipments of the new prescription food, the price is better than the vet’s affiliate site, and with the coupon code “Dogster” the shipping is free.  As in, free always.  And it ships automatically every 6 weeks.  I have not yet discovered if the people who run are in bed with the Koch brothers or anything, but for the moment the Liberal science teacher in me can rest easy.

Pretty cool, huh?


April 2nd & 3rd- Mark Your Calendars!!

Hi folks!

We have a big weekend coming up here in Brookline and Cambridge on April 2nd and 3rd and I wanted to tell you all about it NOW so you can mark your calendars, arrange for babysitting, rent a car, book your flight, etc.  That’s right, it’s THAT exciting.

On the evening of Saturday, April 2nd will be the annual Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Dinner and Auction.  There will be drinks, a silent auction of all sorts of great items (curated with an assist from yours truly), dinner catered by the fantastic Lisa Shaw (she’s handling the food at our wedding, come to the auction for a preview) and a live auction by professional auctioneer Dan Smith.  On offer will be everything from jewelry and Red Sox tickets to time in vacation homes, voice lessons, and private dinners catered in your home.  It is always a great night and it is one of only two major fund-raising events of the year for the Parish.

The schedule is:

5:30pm Silent Auction 7:00pm Dinner 8:00pm Live Auction

Sunday, April 3rd at 3:00pm is a can’t miss performance by The Seraphim Singers.  I’ve sung with this group for over a decade and this is probably the most exciting concert we’ve ever done.  We’re doing the entire Bach St. John Passion with the Orchestra of Emmanuel Music.  We’ll be performing in the acoustically lovely St. Paul Parish in Harvard Square, home of the Boston Boy Choir, and also of the St. Paul Adult Choir, who will be joining us for parts of the Passion.  A reception to meet the musicians will follow the concert.

Though I have had the opportunity to perform the St. John Passion several times in my life, this is the first time I have had the opportunity to perform as a soloist, so please, if you are available that afternoon, I urge you to attend.  This is one of the monumental works of choral literature and should not be missed.  If you have never come to one of my concerts before, this is the one to come to.  If you have come to one before and never come to another again, don’t miss this one.

If you have any questions, please email me or Geoff.  I’m making this post sticky so it stays at the top of the blog till April 4th.  Please check under it for new postings.

Thanks, everyone!


Edit 3/15/11- I finally have the updated concert poster to post.  Here it is:  Updated St. John Passion Poster <– download me !  email me to your friends and loved ones!

3/15/11  Aaaaand, one more edit.  Here’s a jpg of the poster if you want to see it in small scale before you download it.  Enjoy.


Pretty red poster!
Pretty red poster!

Consider yourself invited!