A shopping post!

That is entirely self serving…

I like RueLaLa for shopping.  They have great sales and excellent customer service.  As it so happens, right now they are having a sale on Vera Wang home stuff and one of the items is the china pattern we have registered for.  And it is significantly cheaper than the price at Macy’s where our registry proper is.  So, if you’re looking to do some advance shopping for us, you might want to check out RueLaLa.  If you need an invite code, here you go.  The pattern is Vera Wang “Imperial Scroll.”

Happy shopping!


More fun with random pictures!

That’s right, folks, more photos from my phone’s brain for you.  Enjoy!

Seen at Costco.
Worst name and byline for a wine *ever*.

These next two are from that Bridal thing Geoff and I went to at Bloomingdale’s.  Um, needless to say we didn’t register for them.  The first one elicited a comment from Geoff along the lines of, “I guess that is what Elrond would serve his salads out of?”

So when, exactly, does one stop eating?
It's a leaf. It's a salad bowl. It's a leaf. It's a salad bowl.
A chicken shaped... cheese board?

Gratuitous adorable pictures of Thumbelina napping.  On Scratch’s head.  Heh.

Kitteh pillow the first.
I haz a fuzzy striped pillow.
mmm, fuzzy WARM striped pillow.
I'm so comfortable I'm sticking out my tongue.

And finally, pictures from a trip outside yesterday with the “puppehs.”

Wait!  What was that?
Behold my puffed tail! For I am Defender of the Manor! MROW!
The Three Musketeers.
You shall not pass! Ooh! Shiny...

And that’s it, folks.  Hope you enjoyed the photos.


The care and feeding of a wedding registry

This whole getting married this is supposed to be complicated.  At least, when you have the large-ish church wedding with the cast of thousands.  I get that.  That being said I have yet to buy a wedding magazine or leaf through any of the GIANT magazines that I have received “complimentary subscriptions” to in the mail.  (Seriously, you get amazing amounts of crap once any wedding vendor gets your name.)

What Geoff and I have done, among other things,  is set up a wedding registry.  Or, rather, several registries.  Basically, I picked out a couple of things that were important to me and let him, with some power of veto, pick out the rest.  We set up registries on Amazon.com, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s.  What I did not anticipate was having to regularly visit said registries and maintain them.  Apparently, vendors like to play games with availability of the stuff that they offer up for registries.  So, that really cool thing that you actually need?  It may just up and be unavailable for no particular reason with no instock date in sight.  So, you have to check in regularly and then edit as necessary.  This is kind of a pain, but we have gotten used to it.

The nice part about this is that we were invited to Bloomingdale’s for a “Couple’s Night Out” registry party.  Having never been to one, and because they’d feed us for free, we decided to go.  The food wasn’t bad, the mocktails were excellent, and once the presentation was over, there was a **competition**.  As couples, we basically got to run all over the tabletop department and come up with our coolest place setting and then set it up for judging.  There were actual prizes.  Granted, they were tacky champagne flutes which we didn’t need and I knew that at the time.  But, that wasn’t the point.  I wanted to win solely for the point of winning.

We didn’t win.  Which, in the end, was probably a good thing since the last thing I need is more clutter and wedding related crap in the house.  But a took a picture of our cool place setting in its fancy pink-ness.  Here it is.

Can you believe the one in the upper left won?
Our fabulous pink and gold place setting.

Anyway, we had fun while at Bloomingdale’s.  We did actually learn some stuff, and we met our “Registry Consultant.”  Basically, she’s the person that you folks can call if you want to get us something and you are 1) not internet savvy, 2) out of state, 3) out of the country and don’t know how to get something to us without all the stupid international mail and taxes and snafus and whatnot, or 4) don’t have one of the bricks and mortar stores near you.  We’re apparently allowed to put her name up and post her info, so here it is.  Fabulous Bloomingdale’s lady is Claudia Askew 617.630.6044  She was very personable and nice to us at the party and the customer service the night of was fabulous (aside from the fact that we didn’t win…)

We may go to one of the same type of parties thrown by Macy’s at some point in the future.  Or we may not.  We’ve pretty much picked out everything we need at this point.  (And no, we didn’t do this.)  Now we just have to hope that everything stays in stock till the big day.  And now for those wedding magazines… anyone need any reading material for the bathroom?


Day trips are good

Yesterday Kelly and I went tax-free shopping in New Hampshire.  We wanted to look around for a few things that we need or will eventually need (such as wedding stuff) but in the meantime we had a good time browsing various places in the Portsmouth area.   I was surprised to find some cool little shops and such.  We found this one little eclectic gift shop that had all sorts of funny and interesting stuff, and the whole downstairs was dedicated to pets.

(Note from Kelly, I had been looking for this sign for a LONG time and was thrilled to find it for only $5.)

Pets welcome, children must be on a leash.
Pets welcome, children must be on a leash.

We also crossed the border for a short trip into Maine.   Surprisingly, this was my first trip to Maine.  I think it is the only state on the East Coast, and possibly the only one east of the Mississippi River that I had never visited.

(Naturally, this meant that we had to take a picture.  Paul Gross arms, ftw. ~Kelly)

In Maine, not getting eaten by monsters!
In Maine, not getting eaten by monsters!

So we took a quick trip into the area of Kittery to do some outlet shopping.  I managed to find a good pair of shoes to wear with my tuxedo.  So I am all set now as far as having everything I will wear at the wedding.  I am assuming that since we were only in the state for a few hours, all of the monsters that Stephen King writes about as being in Maine did not have time to find us.  Thank goodness.