Resume for Geoffrey Michael

Geoffrey B. Michael

Greater Boston Area
617-651-1463 (voice)

Information Technology Security Specialist/Security Specialist

Solutions-oriented IT Security Specialist with notable success directing a broad range of specialized corporate IT initiatives in a classified environment while participating in planning and implementation of information-security and disaster recovery solutions in direct support of business objectives.

  • Demonstrated ability to implement innovative security programs that drive awareness, decrease exposure, analyze vulnerabilities, and strengthen organizations.
  • Adept at developing effective security policies and procedures, specialized security training programs, and technical/business specifications.

Core Competencies

Systems Security; IT Audits; Marking and Handling of Classified Materials; Security Training; Regulatory Adherence (particularly NISPOM); Facility Security; Data Integrity/Recovery; Disaster Recovery/Contingency Planning; Risk Assessment; CCTV; IP Security Cameras; Computer Forensics.

  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows® operating systems from 95 on (including Server 2003 on), Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu), UNIX (Solaris)
  • Computer Languages: Linux Shell Scripting, particularly C shell and Bash.
  • Specialized IT Security Tools: AirSnort; Bastille; BCWipe; Cain and Abel; John the Ripper; Metaspolit; Nessus; Nmap; Rainbow Crack; Sam Spade for Windows; SpyBot;


Security+, Network+, and A+ certification from CompTIA
ITIL Version 3 Foundation Certificate from Loyalist Certification Services

Defense Security Service Academy (Completed Coursework):  Information System Security Basics; Marking Classified Information; Insider Threat 1.0; Risk Management for DoD Security Programs; Introduction to Personnel Security Management; Essentials of Industrial Security Management (EISM) Independent Study; NISPOM Chapter 8 Requirements for Industry

FEMA Emergency Management Institute: Complete list of coursework available on request.

CPR certification (adult and child), also AED & First Aid issued by Cambridge Police Department

Professional Experience

ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION OF MA/NH, Watertown, MA                   May 2014 – Mar 2015
IT Senior Help Desk Coordinator

Primary tech support for some 75-100 users spread over main office and 4 branch offices in two states.
Troubleshoot hardware and software issues with desktops, servers, printers, copiers, network, and audio/visual equipment.
Assist outside contractors when needed

CAMBRIDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY, Cambridge, MA                   Feb 2013 – May 2014
Intermittent Senior Substitute

Provide library services for patrons on an as-needed basis at any of seven CPL locations.
Process returned materials and requested items from other libraries for reshelving or reserve shelves.
Answer phones and assist patrons.

CAMBRIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT, Cambridge, Massachusetts                  October – December 2010
IT Intern

Assist IT staff with assembling and deploying new desktop and laptop computers, configuring laptops for VPN access, and troubleshooting IT issues across the department.  Planned new Outlook Web Access system to allow CPD personnel to access e-mail, contact and calendar functions safely while off-site.

CAMBRIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT, Cambridge, Massachusetts                   2009 – Present
Acting Sergeant (Auxiliary Unit)

Lead auxiliary officers detailed to assist regular officers during: parades, street festivals, city
ceremonies, graduations, movie locations, emergency events, missing person searches, and other
times as needed.
Provide crowd and traffic control.
Conduct foot and vehicle patrols, particularly during holidays.
Provide email, organizational, and technical assistance when needed.

LOCKHEED MARTIN, Lexington, Massachusetts                                                                  2008 – 2009
Information Security Representative, Division 4 (Homeland Security), Lincoln Laboratory

Assist ISSOs with NISPOM compliance issues for a wide variety of computer networks and systems, including creation, implementation, and approval of system plans.  Conduct internal inspections to find issues and correct them.  Assist government representatives with external inspections.  Ensure all paperwork is correct, complete and current.  Conduct computer security orientation for new employees.

Key Contributions:

  • Created new training and refresh program for all ISSOs in laboratory.
  • Edited and refined PL1 Technical Control list for all Linux machines in the laboratory.

SPARTA, Inc., Huntsville, Alabama                                                                                      2001 – 2008
Information Systems Security Officer                                                                   2004-2005, 2007-2008

Assist FSO and senior analysts in ensuring the proper marking of classified documents (including electronic documents) for storage or delivery to customers. Assist FSO and Alternate FSO with maintenance of safes for classified drives and working papers.  Collaborate with external government auditors (from Defense Security Service) to conduct in-depth NISPOM compliance audits and penetration testing, presenting all results to senior management. Develop curricula and facilitate awareness training for management and employees.  Conduct limited forensic analysis of security violations for internal reports to management and external reports to DSS. Set up classified and unclassified computer access for various conferences and workshops hosted by SPARTA, Inc., particularly in.  Primary computer administrator for all standalone classified systems at Huntsville facility.

Key Contributions:

  • Instrumental in developing and implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCP & DRP) Plans for corporate sites in Huntsville, Alabama.
  • Created information-security education program for users of classified standalone computers, including initial briefing and yearly review.
  • Instrumental in developing and implementing the Master Security Protective Profile for new Huntsville, Alabama facility.
  • Instrumental in new Huntsville facility achieving Superior rating from DSS in April 2008 inspection.
  • Pilot Tester and Pilot Instructor for new Department of Homeland Security ACT Online computer-based cyber security training system.

Acting Assistant Information Systems Security Manager                                                    2005 – 2007

Assist with company-wide efforts to identify and evaluate all critical systems. Design and implement security processes and procedures and perform cost benefit analysis on all recommended strategies.  Supervised Information System Security Officer in implementation of security measures for new classified computer lab.  Coordinated facility compliance with FSO, ISSM, and ISSO.

Key Contributions:

  • Instrumental in developing and implementing the Master Security Protective Profile for Huntsville, Alabama facility.
  • Assisted ISSM in planning, creating, and implementation of new Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans for DPO and for the new Huntsville office.

Associate Systems Analyst                                                                                                  2001- 2008

Provided comprehensive computer modeler and simulation support for offsite and onsite personnel.  Create briefings for senior analysts based on results from computer modelers and simulators.  Research both classified and unclassified materials on WMD and BMD to ensure accuracy of computer models and simulators.  Backup operator for ZEUS explosive ordnance disposal laser system.

Key Contributions:

  • Wrote tutorial for scripting in C-shell for use by new employees.


Certificate (Networks, Computers, and Information Systems)
Lincoln Institute of Technology, Somerville, MA                                                  Dec 2010
Student Ambassador
Dean’s List (for 3.8 GPA)
Student Commencement Speaker for June 2011 Commencement

Bachelor of Arts Degree in History
University of Alabama in Huntsville – Huntsville, Alabama                                           June 2007

Awards and Honors

Selected for and graduated from United States Army Airborne Course, Fort Benning, Georgia
Selected for and graduated from United States Army Air Assault Course, Fort Campbell, Kentucky
Lifetime MENSA member

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