This page will change as we find items that we have for sale.  Currently, most of what we are selling is wedding related as we’ve been married for over 6 months and we want our house back.  If you are interested in anything listed here, please email Kelly or Geoff or comment on this page.

To see the handmade jewelry that Kelly sells, click here.

The not so fine print: We prefer local (New England) area purchases that can be picked up in person.  Cash or PayPal only.  Should you elect to have us ship something, you are responsible for the shipping costs as well as insurance in addition to the cost of the item.  Quantities and prices are negotiable, so please ask.

Wedding Items

Reception tables
The white folding chair covers, purple table cloths, silver organza sashes, and white cotton banquet napkins, all for sale.
Reception tables
Closer view of white chair covers, purple table cloths, silver satin table runners, white napkins, etc.
Tabletop close up
This is a close up of the reception tables.

5 royal purple rectangular tablecloths 60″x120″– $55

1 white 90″ round tablecloth– $10

1 silver/gray 90″ round tablecloth– $10

1 white 90″x132″ rectangular tablecloth- $12

15 royal purple 132″ round tablecloths (for round banquet tables for 10 or 12)- $220



Computer Items

TRS-80 with all the peripherals.  The original posts are here and here. $300 takes home everything.  If you want individual items from the TRS-80 lot, email us for prices.

It's alive!!!
A working TRS-80 with two floppy drives.
A good old dot matrix printer and its twin.
We have two of these. Yes, really.

TRS-80 manuals and software.

I bet we have visi-calc stuff in there somewhere.

The computer comes in the original box, though it is a little worse for wear.  Please email us if you are interested as this machine needs a good home, hopefully with a collector/computer geek(s) like us.  🙂


There is more to come so check back here regularly.

~Kelly & Geoff

16 thoughts on “FOR SALE”

  1. Hi, I am interested in the sheppard hooks. Please contact me if they are still available. Thanks.

    Mrs. Smith

  2. Hi,

    I’m interested in the frosted votive candles/holders and the aisle runner. Are they still available? If so, is the aisle runner fabric or paper/plastic? Thanks.

  3. Hey Kelly –

    Two things – I’ve been wanting one of those loop candelabras for a while. Would love to have it if it’s still free.
    Two – I’m not sure we’re ready for another cat BUT – our cat Leo is oldish, 13, getting a little slower, and we’re not sure if he might like a companion. Do you think Waffles would like company? Also, Jeremy and I are both about to start more demanding jobs, so Leo might like cat-company if he won’t get quite as much human company…

    Fiona Vidal-White

  4. Are the silver table runners still available? Also, are the 8 X105 silver sashes made of the same material? I would only need a few of those (5?). Would you consider selling that small of an amount?

    1. Hi Sherry,
      The silver satin table runners are still available. The silver sashes are not made of the same material, they’re organza, not satin. If you’re interested I’d be happy to sell you a small number.


      1. Hi Kelly,
        Oops! I just looked back at your post. I was not referring to the organza chair sashes, but rather, the “50 silver satin sashes 8″x105″- $60”. I guess I really didn’t need to ask if they were made of the same material. I’m sorry if I confused you.
        Yes, I would like to purchase the 15 silver table runners plus 5 of the silver satin sashes (if they are still available). If you could email me with the total, including what I would owe you for shipping to Roscoe, Illinois, that would be wonderful.
        Thank you,

        1. Hi Kelly,
          Wondering if the above is still available. The wedding is creeping up on us and we need to make some decisions. Thank so much!

              1. Hey Kelly,
                I hate to be a pest…I’m a little worried about the timeline. I’m not seeing an email for you (I’m on my phone-maybe that’s why?) if you could email me so that I can send you an address in Mobile, Alabama to send the table runners to. That’s where the wedding will be on December 27th. We are leaving illinois on the 19th.

  5. Can you please tell me if the mirrors are still available as well as the charger plates but i only need 50 if so.

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