Valentine Craft Show & Benefit 2/12/17 Winchester, MA 11am-3pm

You are cordially invited to my first show of 2017.

Love Is In The Air Craft Show & Vendor Sale 2/12/17 11am-3pm Winchester, MA
Love Is In The Air Craft Show & Vendor Sale 2/12/17 11am-3pm Winchester, MA

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So, to all of you still hating the Patriots, especially Roger Goodell…

you are still wrong. Oh, so very wrong.

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2015 has been kicking my ass

Regular readers will recall that a little while back I said we’d be away for a while due to the death of a friend.  Truth be told, his loss was, at the time, the latest in a long string of Very Hard Things 2015 had handed us.

It seems, however, that June might bright A New Hope.  (Sorry)  But, before we get to the good stuff, let’s go over where we’ve been, shall we?

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Hello again, everyone. Long time no blog.

I am just now managing to recover from I guess what you might call a flare-up of my old back injury.  For a little while, it was pretty bad.  But it is getting better.  I have been utilizing the collection of canes that Kelly and I got not quite six years ago when I managed, in the space of a few months, to badly injure my right knee and then my back.  Probably the worst injuries, at least in terms of recovery time, that I have ever had.

But this current episode makes no sense to me.

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@The_Fireplace is closing at the end of this year

and that just breaks my heart.  And Kelly’s too.  We love The Fireplace.  It was where we had our rehearsal dinner.  It is hands down our favorite restaurant in Boston, and believe me, that says a lot because there are so many good restaurants that we love.

We are going to try to go a few more times before they close.  At least they will be here until the end of the year.  But we are heartbroken.  We are going to miss that place, and we will miss seeing owner, chef and all-around great guy Jim too.

Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria can take over your building, but they can’t fill your shoes.


Long ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

…I worked for a church as a wedding coordinator.  I worked with people who wanted to get married in the church to arrange the details of their big day.  I also attended and sometimes ran their wedding rehearsals.  We had one couple who were making their arrangements from overseas and who were, apparently, HUGE Star Wars fans.

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Heraldry, history and ASOIAF/GoT

As dumb as it sounds, one of the things I love about George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is the heraldry.  Specifically, the house sigils, as they are more commonly known, are some of the most iconic things about the show.  Of course Martin based this on medieval heraldry practices that, at least technically, still exist to this day.  Plenty of families have coats of arms, as do cities, towns, universities and colleges, etc.  And the central part of any coat of arms is usually a shield of some sort.  In the world of ASOIAF these tend to be fairly simple (the direwolf of House Stark, both the HBO version and book-ish version) although a few do get more complex (like House Tarth, HBO version and book-ish version).   And GRRM goes to a lot of trouble to describe the sigils of a great many houses in ASOIAF.  To give you an idea of the sheer amount of creative calories burned, check out the Heraldry page at the Citadel website and this awesome Westeros map some uber-geeks put together.  I totally geeked out about both of those.

Well, Kelly and I decided a while back to make our own sigil (in true geek fashion) and now I will share it with the world via the Intertubes.  A lot of people did something similar with the “Join the Realm” promo web page done by HBO for Game of Thrones.  But I wanted to do our own, with symbols that meant something to both Kelly and me.

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Happy Birthday Shakay

Happy Birthday to the best man at our wedding, Geoff’s best friend, and the guy who has stuck by him through everything.  We are lucky to have you in our lives, and we appreciate it more than you know.  You are a member of our chosen family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  May this year be better than all that have come before it.

~Kelly & Geoff

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary.  Over the past week or so we’ve received cards, emails, voice mails, texts, and calls from family and friends wishing us a happy anniversary.

I suspect that some portion of this has to do with the fact that 1) Geoff was recently hospitalized and 2) our wedding is on Veteran’s Day weekend.  Be that as it may, I’ll take it.

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Winter is coming, indeed

One of my favorite things about New England is the seasons.  I love the seasons here, and how we actually have four distinct ones. The ground is now covered with leaves and the trees are mostly bare.  We woke up this morning to snow coming down, although not very hard.  More like heavy flurries, if that makes sense.  It wasn’t really sticking either except for a few elevated surfaces.  But it was still kind of cool to see.  Just a sneak preview of the winter that is coming.  At least for us it won’t last for years, like the poor folk in Westeros.    The temperature today is not supposed to get much above freezing.  Now, at 1 PM, it is still only 33 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s the sort of day to make you glad to be indoors, enjoying a good cup of coffee.

It is also the second anniversary of our wedding, and my brother Greg’s birthday as well.  So happy anniversary, Kelly my love, and happy birthday big brother!